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  • Presentation by Editions Xavier Barral : "Published in 1963, this book is Sergio Larrain's very first publication, that would soon become a seminal work for Chilean and Latin American photography. Published in the Cadernos Brasileiros series, in collaboration with the poet and cultural attaché at the Brazilian embassy Thiago de Mello, it subtly shows,...

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  • .In stock (both versions).Presentation by Walther Koenig: "In contrast to the consciously sober – but far from clinical images of his earlier series, Schmidt uses atmosphere-laden details with high-contrast black-and-white images of cityscapes, details in nature, and portraits in Waffenruhe to create a subjective, leaden picture of a still-divided city....

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  • Publisher's presentation: " « Ravens is one of the defining bodies of work in the history of photography and a high point in the photo book genre. This accumulation of accolades, and the passing of time, have obscured much of the fascinating detail which explains the artist’s pre-occupation with this motif throughout his work. It was not simply a...

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    Chronicles Set II:   #010 House Sitting - Eric Gunderson   #009 Landleben (auf Sylt) - Michael Dietrich   #008 Twisted Ribbons of Concrete - Michael Rymer   #007 In Your Place - Michele Ravasio   #006 Desert States - John DarwellThis set, published in a limited edition of 100 copies, is completely sold out. We just found these, and the other sets we...

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  • Quick view d'Agata, Antoine
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    Excellent copy of one of the best books (and most sought after) by Antoine d'Agata, his second, published the same year as his first one "De Mala Muerte". Second volume in the "Impression de Voyage" collection, published by "En Vues" in 1998.With texts (in French only) by Bruno Le Dantec and Jose Agustín.Copy in very good / excellent condition : this copy...

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  • .One copy available.Gathered portraits of the King of Thaïland with a camera in his hands or around his neck.Risograph printing. First and only printing.64 pages - Stapled softcover Self-published, 2011 (250 copies) *Signed* As new - Mint condition

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  • Publisher's presentation : "The sordid, artificial purgatory, the round of hungering, bruised flesh, the desperate and depraved promiscuity reigning over these empty nights, clusters of violent and violated intimacy multiplied over and over again… Bruised in body and soul, they live in the claustrophobic basements of derelict shopping centres. In the...

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  • .Copy sold.We are offering a rare copy of one of the most sought-after and most important photobooks : "La banlieue de Paris", with texts by Blaise Cendrars and photographs by Robert Doisneau, in the scarce first edition with dustjacket (Seghers, 1949).This book is listed in "The Photobook: A History volume I" by Martin Parr & Gerry Badger.Four texts...

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  • Quick view Schles, Ken
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    .Back in stock.Publisher's presentation: "For a decade, Ken Schles watched the passing of time from his Lower East Side neighbourhood. His camera fixed the instances of his observations, and these moments became the foundation of his invisible city. Friends and architecture come under the scrutiny of his lens and, when sorted and viewed in the pages of...

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    .Temporarily out of stock.Natural cotton - One-side print "L'Ascenseur Végétal Librairie Photo" - Long handles (to carry on the shoulder).To carry your photobooks around, or anything else, to avoid using plastic bags, and to represent for L'Ascenseur Végétal !

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  • .Last copy!.Facsimile reprint by Xavier Barral of the 1937 "reference" book that is listed in many books about the history of photography and the history of the photobook.Publisher's presentation: "All the elemental forces of nature have been working here for millennia to shape and form a landscape whose scale, majesty and solitude are similar to the...

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Collectible photobooks: old classics & rarities

These sold out and hard to find photobooks have moved in the rare book category, often sought after by the collectors.

These books can be great classics of the photobook that we are offering on the second-hand market; they can be 10, 20, 50 years old or more... books by the likes of William Klein, Paul Strand, Diane Arbus or Todd Hido.

But these books can also be more recent titles, often new or as new, that are out of print by the publisher (or by the self-published artist) but that we still have in stock, usually one copy, sometimes more... books by the likes of Ren Hang, Alejandro Cartagena, Carolyn Drake or Eamonn Doyle.

Please note : if you are looking for a specific book that we have listed here on this website but that appears as sold out, please feel free to contact us as we sometimes stumble upon forgotten copies that we do not systematically or immediately list back on the website :-)