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  • Presentation by Prestel: "Viviane Sassen is one of today's most innovative photographers and this stunning book looks back at a decade of her work, including new collages and previously unpublished photographs. This mid-career retrospective volume focuses on Viviane Sassen’s fine art photography, revealing a surrealist undercurrent in her work. Sassen...

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  • .Last copy. Presentation by Editions Bessard :     "The iconic bowler hat, the long black braids, the adjusted corset and the brightly colored puffed skirt: their outfit is well known all around the world. The mythical cholitas are a strong symbol of Bolivia. Discriminated against for a long time, they are now very much a driving force in Bolivia. In...

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  • Publisher's presentation of Anna Ehrenstein's photobook: "Authenticity has always been a central question in discussions concerning society. It is continuing to gain importance with the emergence of new phenomena such as fake news, alternative facts and instant online control possibilities. However, our definition of an authentic being or an authentic...

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  • L'Ascenseur Végétal is now offering all available titles from the French collection "Photo Poche". This series of black pocket-size books is a staple among photobooks in France, and all photography lovers and amateurs have at least one in their bookshelves, often dozens! This series initially curated by Robert Delpire and published by "Centre National de...

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  • Publisher's presentation : "Publié à l’occasion du 70e anniversaire de Magnum Photos, cet ouvrage retrace l’histoire de l’agence sous l’angle du livre de photographies, outil essentiel aux photographes pour faire connaître leur travail. Il inclut des pépites puisées dans les archives des auteurs, qui racontent les secrets de la conception de leurs livres....

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  • Publisher's presentation: "98 mainly unpublished polaroids, 98 timeless images from one of the first fashion provocateurs whose singular way of seeing influenced contemporary photography, and continues to do so."Foreword by Oliviero Toscani.128 pages - Hardcover Editions Xavier Barral, 2009 Format : 17 x 25 cm New - Mint condition

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  • Presentation by the distributor : "Shooting the things and people I liked or noticed, I found myself as an artist and put my perception of Ukrainian reality into photography that I produce and now I constantly working on my personal projects, combining social documentary with snap-shots from my diary. Both of them are about truth and honesty, although...

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  • Presentation on the artist's website: "I’m looking at old cosmetic bag to discover my mother's lipstick, eye shadows and blushes, which she used to enjoy when she was a little older than I’m today. I’m pulling out of the closet a suitcase with shoes to find a pair of her unprocurable Yugoslav sandals bought back in the 1980s. I’m turning over a pile of...

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  • .Sold out. Publisher's presentation: "The much anticipated debut monograph from Synchrodogs, the emerging avant-garde photographer duo from Ukraine. A curation of their most interesting work to date presented in an extra large format clothbound hardcover book.  Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven are Synchrodogs. The work of the young Ukrainian photography...

  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation : "A master of color composition and in the use of disruptive patterns, Wierzbowski's work often explores the ambiguous relationship between the model and their surroundings: Everyday settings become unconventional spaces and ordinary occurrences become extraordinary happenings in a seemingly random sequence of captured...

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    Publisher's presentation: "Inspired by Edvard Munch’s oft quoted words, Flowers Shall Grow presents a collection of seemingly innocent and playful images suffused with a sense of melancholy and imbued with a subtle and coded symbolism. Bergmanesque figures, often stripped bare, are glimpsed deep within Norwegian forests, spied solitary beside dark waters...

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  • Presentation on the artist's website : "Deliberately operating in the contentious boundary between fashion and art photography, Donovan's work often challenges the notion of images à la sauvette. The photographer deliberately imposes his aesthetic intention on reality whilst drawing inspiration from a writers as diverse as Socrates, Ram Dass, Timothy...

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  • WARNING : Reduced price because the remaining copies have one bumped corner.Retrospective monography covering James Barnor's career.Short biography of James Barnor on the publisher's website : "Born in 1929 in Accra, James Barnor is considered a pioneer of Ghanaian photography. James Barnor’s career bridges continents and photographic genres to create a...

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  • Publisher's presentation: "The work of Hans Eijkelboom is always about the relationship between the individual and the mass – ‘mass’ both in the sense of ‘a lot of people’, and of everything we encounter on a daily basis, and which we are part of. A world to which we must relate if we are to live in it. The way we do this and the way it appears is the...

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    .Temporarily out of stock.Natural cotton - One-side print "L'Ascenseur Végétal Librairie Photo" - Long handles (to carry on the shoulder).To carry your photobooks around, or anything else, to avoid using plastic bags, and to represent for L'Ascenseur Végétal !

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  • Premier ouvrage rétrospectif de la carrière de Guy Bourdin, paru chez plusieurs éditeurs et proposé ici dans sa version française au Seuil.   Présentation de l'éditeur : "Pendant les années 1970, les magazines du monde entier ont publié des photos de Guy Bourdin. La photographie de mode était pour lui une vision du monde à la fois sombre et insolite, qui...

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