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9mouth is a Chinese photographer based in Beijing.

His work is centered around the female portrait and the female nude. Another lesser-known part of his photography work is about text and calligraphy.

Among other photobooks, he has published twice with French publisher Editions Bessard: "Menstrual", number 20 of the "Zine Collection" (2014), and "Eroshoot", number 3 in the collection "L'Atelier Risographique" (2021).

© Portrait taken from the artist's Twitter profile

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    Text from the front cover: " Menstrual project started in 2011, in which I took pictures by invading girl's private life with my own sight. And that project kept going till now. The reason why this project called Menstrual is because I took one girl every month at the beginning. The number of girl I shoot increaed in 2012 because of my open attitude....

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    .Last copy. For the third publication in the series "L'Atelier RisoGraphique" by Editions Bessard, Eroshoot is a series of female nudes, female portraits, by Chinese photographer 9mouth. The last images in the carrousel come from the publisher's Instagram account. PLEASE NOTE: this publication is hand-made, Risograph printing process and staple binding....

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