The World's First Photobook Was Blue

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Presentation by the(M) éditions:

[traduction L'Ascenseur Végétal (except quote)]

" This photobook by Albarrán Cabrera The World's First Photobook Was Blue is not only a publication destined to showcase the work of the artists, it is also destined to explain their artistic approach. A book without any real beginning or end…

The title is a hat tip to Anna Atkins, the binding a hat tip to Brassaï, and the book itself a tribute to this deceptively simple but genuinely complex medium that is photography.

« Photography is not the thing. It is the thing that gets us to the thing. Atkins used photography to illustrate nature and its structure. In a similar way, we use photography to illustrate reality and its structure. The possibility of having a tool to investigate reality is what first drew us to photography. We discovered that by using this medium we can nurture our interest and have a better understanding not only of perceived reality, but of the structure of reality, the why of things. Photography is, for us, the perfect philosophical tool to learn more about the universe as a logical and architectural conception: the recognition of an order among individual pieces in which each piece is also illuminated by the arrangement of the whole.  »

         --  Albarrán Cabrera    "

This spiral-bound book includes three different covers that can in turn be placed in front of the book thanks to the spiral binding itself.

Limited edition of 1,000 copies. Co-published by Ira Stehmann, the(M) éditions and IBASHO. Design : Studio Des Signes.

Texts by Albarrán Cabrera and Lyle Rexer in English only.

82 pages - Hardcover this metal spiral binding

the(M) éditions / IBASHO / Ira Stehmann, 2021

Format : 21 x 32 cm

New - Mint condition

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Albarrán Cabrera

Albarr án Cabrera is the artist name of a collaboration between Spanish artists and photographers Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera, who have been working together since 1996. Their work, mostly in color, is higly identifiable and is influenced by the thinking and the arts of both the Western and Eastern worlds. As indicated in their bio on their website, their work displays « an alchemical curiosity for photographic printmaking ». Their work has been published, has been on display, and is present in both public and private collections, throughout the world Albarrán Cabrera have published "Pequeñas melodías" (IIKKI Books, 2018), "Remembering the Future" (Editorial RM, 2018) and "Des Oiseaux" (Atelier EXB, 2020). © Self-portrait, Albarrán Cabrera
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