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A few categories - some biased some not - to help you navigate our shelves from a different and original standpoint depending on your mood or your search of the day.

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  • Parr / Badger

    For everyone, a selection of the most beautiful photo books, the most famous, most quoted in the history of photobooks.

    For collectors and bibliophiles, find among our titles the photobooks cited in the following reference books: - "The Photobook: A History" (Martin Parr / Gerry Badger, Phaidon) - "The Book of 101 Books - Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century "(Andrew Roth, PPP Editions) -" The Open Book "(coll., Hasselblad Center) -" Books of Nudes "(Alessandro Bertolotti, La Martinière / MEP)

  • Mainstream

    Books of famous photographers, great successes of the edition of the photo book, books on mainstream themes ... For a first easy access to photobooks

  • Out of photography

    Books that landed here by chance, maybe ... Beautiful books, interesting books, sometimes rare books, but which are not photography books.

  • Harsh or difficult

    Books that deal with difficult topics, offer raw images, or graphic or psychological violence ...

  • Soft and peaceful

    Beautiful images, spring, flowers, pretty clouds, love, tenderness ... which does not mean that they are necessarily "easy" books.

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