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  • Photojournalism

    The work of photo-reporters, war reporters, daily photojournalists. Books dealing with current events or those of yesterday, whether conflicts, the life of Western societies or others, the important or insignificant events of our history or from History.

  • Fashion
    Fashion photography. A photographer, a magazine, a period, etc.
  • Architecture

    Photographs of architecture and urbanism (buildings, the city), presentation of the works of architects, movements, trends, etc.

  • Nude & Erotic

    Nude Photography, Erotica, Pornography, Bondage
    Note: some books, some images will be better suited to an informed audience

  • Portrait

    Photobooks whose main theme is the portrait. An extremely vast and rich theme of infinite variations: academic, posed or in action; photos of people, families, groups, in a studio, at home, at work, outdoors; tight framing, American, full portrait; refined clichés, modified, reassembled, etc.

  • Society

    Books dealing with our life in common, topics of society, ours - Western - and those more or less favored from other parts of the world. The topics will be: social classes, associative work, poverty, integration, lifestyles, etc.

  • Document

    Insights upon our societies, review of a country, an activity...

  • Tell a story

    To tell one's story, our story, life

  • Imagine

    Works of fiction, the photo book as a means of telling a story

  • Create

    These photobooks present work on the main material, photography: pictorial research, "arty" projects, image modification processes, etc.

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