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Presentation by Steidl:

" Conceived and edited by film director Martin Bell, Mary Ellen Mark's husband and collaborator for 30 years, The Book of Everything celebrates in over 600 images and diverse texts Mark's extraordinary life, work and vision. From 1963 to her death in 2015, Mark told brilliant, intimate, provocative stories of characters whom she met and engaged with—often in perpetuity. There was nothing casual or unprepared about Mark's approach; she unfailingly empathized with the people and places she photographed.

For this comprehensive book Bell has selected images from Mark's thousands of contact-sheets and chromes—from over two million frames in total. These include her own now iconic choices, those published once and since lost in time, as well as some of her as yet unpublished preferences. Bell complements these with a few selections of his own.

Along with Mark's pictures made in compelling, often tragic circumstances, The Book of Everything includes recollections from friends, colleagues and many of those she photographed. Mark's own thoughts reveal doubts and insecurities, her ideas about the individuals and topics she depicted, as well as the challenges of the business of photography. "

This publication consists of 3 large-format hardcover books, inserted in a hard slipcase. The set is presented in a doubled cardboard box printed with the title, artist name and other references (see photos). In all, 880 pages and 624 images; TEXTS IN ENGLISH ONLY.

880 pages - Hardcovers in slipcase

Steidl, 2020

Format (books) : 24.5 x 32.2 cm

Format (cardboard box) : 32 x 41 x 15 cm (8.5 kg / 19 lbs)

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Mark, Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Mark was an American photographer, mostly famous for her documentary work troughout the United States, but also in India for instance. Mary Ellen Mark has published work in important magazines such as Life, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, and she was a member of Magnum Photos from 1977 to 1982. Her work, mostly made in black and white, is characterized by a social approach and the importance of portrait work. Her empathetic eye and the often classical construction of her images, combined with the sometimes strange, unusual or quirky subjects or moments she has photographed could place her work at the crossroads of French humanist photographers (Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, etc.) and Diane Arbus. Throughout her career, she was also a set photographer on many movies, including Coppola's "Apocalypse Now". Among the important photobooks she has published: "Passport" (Lustrum Press, 1974), "Ward 81" (Simon & Schuster, 1979), "Falkland Road, Prostitutes of Bombay" (Knopf, 1981), and the retrospective of her work "American Odyssey 1963-1999" (Aperture, 1999). In 2020, German publisher Steidl releases an imposing box set of 3 volumes in a slipcase, conceived and edited by her husband and collaborator of 30 years Martin Bell, simply titled "The Book of Everything". © Selfportrait
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