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Presentation by Mack Books:

" Kawada's The Map / Chizu is the most famous and sought after book in the history of Japanese photography. Designed with the noted graphic designer Kohei Sugiura, Chizu has seen numerous editions since its original publication in August 1965 (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha, Tokyo).

In November 2001, New York Public Library acquired the rarest version of the book, Kikuji Kawada's unique, handmade maquette. The maquette presents a notably different physicality than that of the published edition—many of the pictures are the same but with variant croppings, tonalities, orientations, and a markedly dissimilar configuration with a pair of jacketed volumes—each nearly twice as large in format as the published version—separated by a black-and-white divider. With its pages made of thin, silvery darkroom prints, folded in half and pasted back-to-back, there are no folios to unfurl, only a progression of intense, full-bleed images.

This MACK version is an exquisite facsimile of the two-volume maquette, and includes an accompanying bilingual booklet featuring new scholarship by Joshua Chuang and Miyuki Hinton, together with an extended interview with the artist, detailing the evolution of one of the greatest photobooks ever made. "

Chizu / The Map is an approach of aftermath of WOrld War Two in Japan, and specifically of the catastrophy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This new edition has been quickly sold out by the publisher.

Content: Two hardback books, each with a jacket (one illustrated with a photography, the other plain white), plus one (black) paperback booklet with two parts, one Swiss bound, the other one a Leporello fold. The three books are housed in a buckram bound hardback slipcase, protected in a printed cardboard mailer. Texts in English and Japanese.

We are offering signed. The signature of the artist appears on a slip stamped and signed by the artist in a range of colours and placed inside the front cover of the booklet. (see photo).

PLEASE NOTE: Our last copy is a signed copy in shrinkwrap, but with a tiny imperfection: 2 tiny imprints in the outside cardboard (mint otherwise).

272 pages (total) - Two photobooks and a booklet housed in a slipcase, placed in a box

Mack Books, 2021

Format (box) : 21 x 30.8 x 5.2 cm


New - One tiny imperfection (see above)

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Kawada, Kikuji

Kikuji Kamada is a Japanese photographer born in 1933. Kikuji Kawada is one of the co-founders of the Vivo collective with Eikoh Hosoe, Ikko Narahara, Akira Sato, Akira Tanno and Shomei Tomatsu. He was one of the 15 photographers selected for the exhibition "New Japanese Photography" at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York in 1974. He is the author of one of the most important Japanese photobooks : Chizu [ The Map ] (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha, 1965), about the experience of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, which has since been re-pulished in different formats, including a facsimile of the orginal edition by Akio Nagasawa in 2014. The most recent edition, published by Mack Books in 2021, is closer in format and design to the original dummy created by the artist. Among other books published: The Last Cosmology (Mack, 2015) and Remote Past a Memoir 1951-1966 (Case Publishing, 2016). © Portrait (uncredited) taken from the GR blog emanating from the Ricoh company.
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