Stop Tanks with Books (*1st edition*)

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Presentation by Nazraeli:

PLEASE NOTE: The text below and the images of the page spreads were taken from the Nazraeli website on the page presenting the second edition of this photobook (blue cover).

" British artist Mark Neville moved home and studio from London to live in Kyiv, Ukraine, last year. With 100,000 Russian troops amassed on the Ukrainian border and the whole country on the cusp of war, Neville's book project, Stop Tanks With Books, calls on the international community to urgently support Ukraine and help deter further Russian invasion.

Since 2015 Neville has been documenting life in Ukraine, with subjects ranging from holidaymakers on the beaches of Odessa, to the Roma communities on the Hungarian border, the churchgoers and nightclubbers of Kyiv, to both civilians and soldiers living on the frontline in Eastern Ukraine. Eighty of Neville’s photographs are brought together in this book, edited by David Campany, together with short stories about the conflict from Ukrainian novelist Lyuba Yakimchuk; research from the Centre of Eastern European Studies in Berlin about the 2.5 million Ukrainians already displaced by the war; and a call to action for the international community.

Employing his unique, activist strategy of a targeted book dissemination, Neville sent out 750 complimentary copies of the book's first edition to key policymakers, opinion-makers, ambassadors, members of parliament, members of the international community and its media, as well as those involved directly in peace talks. The aim is for recipients of this book to be prompted into real action which will result in an end to the war, an end to the killing in Eastern Ukraine, and the withdrawal of Russian forces from occupied territories in Donbas and Crimea. An additional 750 copies were also available through Nazraeli Press for general distribution internationally, and quickly sold out.

Neville wrote in the first edition: « The atmosphere is extremely tense. Bomb shelters and siren drills are being prepared in the capital. Do we stay and fight? Or do we flee Ukraine completely? I wonder what the international response would be if Stockholm, London, Paris, or New York were threatened with an unprovoked and imminent invasion by Russia? Our book is a prayer and a necessary plea to the international community and Nazraeli Press and I have pulled out all the stops to get our book printed and disseminated before Putin invades. » "

NB: Published after the invasion, the second edition (soon available with L'Ascenseur Végétal priced at 68 €) will include an updated artist statement and maps.

We are offering here copies from the 750 copies made available for the bookstore distribution worldwide.

180 pages - Hardcover

Nazraeli Press, 2022 (750 copies)

Format : 30.5 x 33 cm

New - Mint condition

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Neville, Mark

Mark Neville is a British social documentary photographer. In 2004, following a one-year residency in Port Glasgow, Scotland, he publishes "Port Glasgow Book Project"; the book is distributed as a free gift to all members of the community. In 2017, his photobook "Fancy Pictures" (Steidl), including images from six of his projects and a discussion with David Campany, is shortlisted for the "Photobook of the Year" award by Paris Photo / Aperture Foundation. In 2019, he is shortlisted for the "Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize". In 2020, he moves to Kyiv, Ukraine, and publishes in 2022 with Nazraeli "Stop Tanks with Books"; 750 copies are distributed for free to policy-makers. The photobook, released just weeks from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia during the winter 2022, is immediately sold out. A second augmented edition is published during the summer 2022. © Self-portrait of the artist taken from an article in The Guardian
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