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  • Çimen, Sabiha

    Sabiha Çimen is a self-taught Turkish photographer; she is a member of Magnum Photos.

    She works on long-term documentary projects focusing on women, Islamic culture, portraiture and still life.

    Her first project "Hafiz" focuses on the daily life of young girls in Quran schools in Turkey. It was initiated in 2017 and allowed Sabiha Çimen to receive a World Press Photo Award and a Canon Female Photojournalist Grant in 2020.

    The photobook "Hafiz" was then published in 2022 by Red Hook Editions and received the Aperture Foundation / Paris Photo "First Photobook Award" that year.

    © Portrait taken from the Magnum Photos website (uncredited)

  • 2041

    The publisher Lewis Chaplin (Here Press) describes the author: "2041 is an 83-year-old man, and this code name comes from his conscription number of the Second World War. He chose this number for his Flickr account. He is a retired engineer but has a history close to the theater. His wife, a musician, is not aware of his fetishist passion and he absolutely wants to remain anonymous, never to show his face. "
    Photo: © self-portrait

  • 9mouth

    9mouth is a Chinese photographer based in Beijing.

    His work is centered around the female portrait and the female nude. Another lesser-known part of his photography work is about text and calligraphy.

    Among other photobooks, he has published twice with French publisher Editions Bessard: "Menstrual", number 20 of the "Zine Collection" (2014), and "Eroshoot", number 3 in the collection "L'Atelier Risographique" (2021).

    © Portrait taken from the artist's Twitter profile

  • Aballe, Juan

    Juan Aballe uses photography to question the concepts of reality and fiction. He uses ambiguïty and subjectivity to explore human condition.
    Photo: © Juan Aballe

  • Abril, Laia

    Laia Abril is a Spanish photographer. Laia works essentially on subjects realted to women's rights and the woman condition in western societies.
    Photo: © self-portrait

  • Ackerman, Michael

    Michael Ackerman is an American photographer member of the French agency Agence VU. He his based in Berlin and is represented by Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris.

    In 1998, he is the recipient of the "Infinity Award for Young Photographer" by the ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York. His work about the city of Benares in India, published in France by Robert Delpire as "End Time City" in 1999, is a shock for a lot of people and remains a reference among photobooks today. The book received the Prix Nadar in France.

    He has also published "Fiction" (Nathan / Delpire, 2001), "Half Life" (Delpire, 2010) and more recently "Hunger - Epilogue" (VOID, 2019).

    © Portrait by Lorenzo Castore on the Rencontres d'Arles festival's website

  • Ahn, Jun

    Jun Ahn is a South-Korean photographer, mainly known for the self-portraits made from the roofs and windows of high-rise buildings. This work was published in the photobook "Self-Portrait" (Akaaka, 2018).

    She alos published in 2018 "One Life" with Case Publishing, a series of photographs of apples frozen and levitating in mid-air, that she considers a work on exposing transcendence and an expression of her vision of life as a process towards death...

    © Self-portrait from the eponymous "Self-Portrait" series

  • Akihito, Yoshida

    Yoshida Akihito is a Japanese photographer. After a short career in teaching he established himself as a documentary photographer.

    He self-published "Brick Yard" in 2014, "Tannery" in 2016 and - in collaboration with RPS (Reminders Photography Stronghold) - "The Absence of Two" in 2017. This last book was released in a second edition by Editions Xavier Barral in 2019.

    © Portrait taken from the artist's website.

  • Albarrán Cabrera

    Albarrán Cabrera is the artist name of a collaboration between Spanish artists and photographers Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera, who have been working together since 1996.

    Their work, mostly in color, is higly identifiable and is influenced by the thinking and the arts of both the Western and Eastern worlds. As indicated in their bio on their website, their work displays « an alchemical curiosity for photographic printmaking ».

    Their work has been published, has been on display, and is present in both public and private collections, throughout the world

    Albarrán Cabrera have published "Pequeñas melodías" (IIKKI Books, 2018), "Remembering the Future" (Editorial RM, 2018) and "Des Oiseaux" (Atelier EXB, 2020).

    © Self-portrait, Albarrán Cabrera

  • Alizée, Romy

    Romy Alizée is a young French photographer, she learns photography while modeling for many photographers such as Ren Hang, Laurent Benaim or Anders Petersen.

    In 2016, she decides to go to the other side and lays her own eyes on nudity and sexuality, with a queer / feminisit approach, where she is often her own model. Romy is part of Studio Hans Lucas.

    She has self-published several zines, and in 2018 she publishes her first photobook "Furie" with Maria Inc.

    © Portrait by Patrick Cockpit

  • AM Projects

    AM projects is set up by independent photographers as a space to manifest themselves internationally as a likeminded group via jointly curated exhibitions and publications.

    AM projects is a collective journey, a tireless production line of very individualistic photographic works pursued by authors who are committed to and involved in their own separate creative processes.

    The members of the collective have evolved since creation. The members as of September 1st, 2018 are: Alexander Binder, Laura Rodari, Olivier Pin-Fat, Yoshi Kametani and Thomas Vandenberghe.

    Former members include Tiane Doan na Champassak, Aaron McElroy, Daisuke Yokota, Gert Jochems, Ester Vonplon and Antony Cairns.

    © Picture taken from the group's FB page

  • Anderson, Christopher

    Christopher Anderson is an American photojournalist. He covered numerous conflict zones and political subjects in Afghanistan, Israel & Palestine, Iraq, Haiti, Venezuela. He was awarded a "Robert Capa Gold Medal" for a reportage on refugees fleeing Haiti in 1999, and two "World Press Photo Award". Anderson also does magazine and press work and portraiture.

    Christopher Anderson was one of the first members of VII Photo agency, then left to join Magnum Photos in 2005.

    He has published several books, including "Capitolio" about the Chavez presidency in Venezuela (Editorial RM, 2009), "Stump" (Editorial RM, 2013) about the spectacle of the American politics and "Approximate Joy" (Stanley / Barker, 2018), an intimate portrait of contemporary China. He has also published work about his family life and children : "Son" (Kehrer, 2013), which was re-published by Stanley / Barker in 2021, and "Pia" about his daughter (Stanley / Barker, 2020).

    © Portrait by Bill Phelps, taken from the World Press Photo website

  • Andrade, Nuno

    Nuno Andrade is a Portuguese photographer. Initially trained as an architect, he pursues both activities.

    He was awarded the « Prix HSBC pour la Photographie » in 2019, for his series "Ginjal" about an formerly famous restaurant that is now turned into a dance hall for third age people. It has been published under the same title by Editions Xavier Barral.

    © Portrait taken from the online magazine "Connaissance des Arts" (photographer not credited)

Showing 1 - 32 of 1261 items