List of photobooks by photographer Ackerman, Michael

Michael Ackerman is an American photographer member of the French agency Agence VU. He his based in Berlin and is represented by Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris.

In 1998, he is the recipient of the "Infinity Award for Young Photographer" by the ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York. His work about the city of Benares in India, published in France by Robert Delpire as "End Time City" in 1999, is a shock for a lot of people and remains a reference among photobooks today. The book received the Prix Nadar in France.

He has also published "Fiction" (Nathan / Delpire, 2001), "Half Life" (Delpire, 2010) and more recently "Hunger - Epilogue" (VOID, 2019).

© Portrait by Lorenzo Castore on the Rencontres d'Arles festival's website

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  • Presentation by Atelier EXB: " The first publication of End Time City listed Michael Ackerman as a major figure in photography. Twenty years later, this new edition, reimagined by the artist, presents a selection of his iconic photographs, enriched with many completely new images, taken during his recent trips to Benares, in 2018 and 2020. This new visual...

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  • Presentation by VOID: "After 7 issues and 28 artists published, Hunger comes to an end with its epilogue: a solo publication by Michael Ackerman. « Time, in its great disarray, is a specialty of Michael Ackerman. His work respects and destroys it. »  -- Jem CohenHunger – Epilogue is the first Ackerman's publication since his acclaimed book Half Life...

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