A few days of vacation until September 1st

Our bookshop / gallery in Bordeaux

A few days of vacation until September 1st

L'Ascenseur Végétal's bookshop / gallery in Bordeaux (20 rue Bouquière) will be closed from August 25th to 30th.

In the meantime the webshop remains open, with new books being listed regularly; but shipment of orders placed on and after August 25th will be delayed until September 1st.

During this period, and starting early on August 23rd, we are running a "Free Shipping" offer for orders from €75 and above, with the code SUMMER16 ! :-)

Online or in the Bordeaux bookshop, see you very soon !

claude-   .L'Ascenseur Végétal.

PS : si vous voulez revenir au français c'est en haut à droite que ça se passe :-)

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