List of photobooks by photographer Burnett, Katie

Katie Burnett is an American stylist, fashion editor and photographer.

In March 2020, during the first Covid-related lockdown at her home in Brooklyn, Burnett started photographing whatever came in front of her lens, and then developped a series of self-portraits and nudes... this "project" was published by APE / Art Paper Editions under the title "Cabin Fever".

© Self-portrait taken from the photobook "Cabin Fever"

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  • Presentation by Art Paper Editions: " Cabin Fever is the first publication of New-York based artist Katie Burnett, and was developed in a very playful and intuitive way. Burnett investigated the possibilities of her own environment and self. Cabin Fever is a 80-page photographic display of self-portraiture, but not the usual kind. Within the title,...

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