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Presentation by Dewi Lewis Publishing:

" Paul Hart's new book Reclaimed concludes his three-part series on The Fens in the UK. The first two books Farmed (2016) and Drained (2018) have received several international awards and considerable critical acclaim. In 2018 work from the series was awarded the inaugural Wolf Suschitzky Photography Prize (Austria/UK) and in 2019 it was shortlisted for the Hariban Award (Japan).

The Fens, originally a region of low-lying marshland in the east of England, has been artificially drained over centuries to provide some of Britain's most fertile agricultural land. It is a landscape of agribusiness with monoculture at it's core, defined by human migration and long-term reclamation from the sea.

Paul Hart has photographed the area for over ten years. His narrative examines the complex interrelation between humanity and nature and raises important questions about human-altered topography and our occupation and stewardship of this land. By focusing on the often-overlooked elements in familiar vistas Hart’s aesthetics carry a documentary sensibility that allows the landscapes to define themselves. He works solely with the analogue process employing traditional darkroom practice to convey something of the soulful in a landscape that is rarely considered of aesthetic merit.

As the respected French curator and writer Isabelle Bonnet states in her insightful introductory essay; « Hart's landscapes create a dialogue between art and document, lyricism and storytelling, the sublime and the ordinary. Almost everywhere, rectilinear and regular shapes unfold, impeccably drawn furrows responding to rows of trees, industrial constructions and metal structures… No movement animates this nature morte, no bird awakens these low and heavy skies and endless horizons… Hart's images take on a universal value: the battered and exhausted Fens resonate like a subtle metaphor for what humanity engenders and inflicts on itself. » "

This book is the last part of a trilogy; we are currently offering copies of the first part Farmed (2016) and will be adding the second one Drained (2018) soon.

Text "Denatured Landscape / Paysage dénaturé" by Isabelle Bonnet in English and French

108 pages - Linen hardcover

Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2020

Format : 29.5 x 29.5 cm


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Hart, Paul

Paul Hart is a British photographer exploring « our relationship with the landscape, in both a humanistic and socio-historical sense ». He has published many photobooks, including a recent trilogy with Dewi Lewis Publishing: "Farmed" (2016), "Drained" (2018) and "Reclaimed" (2020). © Portrait taken from the artist's website
  • Presentation by Dewi Lewis Publishing: " The Fens, a region of reclaimed marshland in eastern England, is one of the richest arable areas in the UK. It is a landscape of agribusiness that Paul Hart has been photographing for over eight years. In his new book, DRAINED, he continues the exploration of this wide-open environment which he began with FARMED,...

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    .One copy available (2nd printing, 2018). Presentation by Dewi Lewis: "The Fens, a region of reclaimed marshland in eastern England, is one of the richest arable areas in the UK. Paul Hart has been photographing this landscape of agribusiness over the last six years. In FARMED he explores this wide-open environment, a linear landscape of straight lines...

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