oh my little girl

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Presentation by Zen Foto Gallery :  

"oh my little girl is a strong, sexual tale told through Chan's distinct black-and-white photography. Typical for Chan, it's all in the photos; his relationship with the « little girl » from Macao is not elaborated upon in or outside the book (apart from its classification as an « encounter »).

Zen Foto's Mark Pearson said, « What can I say about oh my little girl? I don’t think we need to over-analyse it at this stage. I’ll just say what I know: It is sensational. It is brutal. It is tender. It is explicit. It is sexual. It is daring. It is honest. It is unsettling. » "

116 pages - Softcover with translucid partial DJ

Zen Foto Gallery, 2017

Format : 21 x 28 cm

New - Mint condition

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Chan, Wai-Kwong

Wai-Kwong Chan is a photographer from Hong-Kong. He dropped out of school at a very early age and lived off odd jobs, and discovered photography as a teenager... He gave up other activities to dedicate his time to photography in the early 2010s, and then lived off sporadic sales of prints and the sale of self-published handmade books (over twenty publications between 2011 and 2017). He published Yau Ma Tei (2015) and Oh My Little Girl (2017) with Zen Foto Gallery. © Portrait taken from the artist's Flickr account
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