List of photobooks by photographer de Béthune, Christopher

Christopher de Béthune is a self-taught Belgian photographer working almost exclusively in black & white film. He self-published several zines and also published "Outland" (2016) and "Knights in White Satin" (2017) with Dienacht, "Orion" with Origini Edizioni (2019), and "808" in the series L'Atelier RisoGraphique by Editions Bessard (2021).

© Portrait by Ivan Put from an article / interview (in French) on the website Bruzz

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  • Presentation by Christopher de Béthune: " « Crime City 808 » a.k.a 808,is a pungent, brutal homage to « they ».« they » refers to all the dystopian cities, books, novels, games, movies & universes that would define my future self, and this since my early teenager years. A childhood lost in thoughts, imprinted with the blast of different cultures,...

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  • Presentation by Dienacht : " This book is a two-year endless blink of happiness. « You always said that I dreamt too much.    Hearts and minds of those who tried,    by the sea and the salt.    You were the Ra and I was the seed.    And despite the heavy clouds,    I hope that flowers will bloom,    where the sun, only once shown »  "PLEASE NOTE: We are...

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  • Presentation by Origini Edizioni: " ORION is the memory of a gone love story: an experience of light and shadow; white, black and shaded in the contours. The subjects and the words of the author are sublimated by time and are returned to us as a brief experience of overwhelming passion, pain and inspiration. The Orion’s belt as an inscrutable cold keeper...

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  • .Sold out. Publisher's presentation: "I roamed those streets, again. Some will mark the city, some will get drunk, some will find love. I will be with on their side for the night, again. 3 a.m, finally home."Riso printing.68 pages - Softcover Dienacht, 2017 (200 numbered copies) Format : 13 x 18.5 cm New - Mint condition (outside of possible...

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