List of photobooks by photographer de Béthune, Christopher

Christopher de Béthune is a self-taught Belgian photographer working almost exclusively in black & white film. He self-published several zines and also published "Outland" (2016) and "Knights in White Satin" (2017) with Dienacht, then "Orion" with Origini Edizioni (2019).

© Portrait by Ivan Put from an article / interview (in French) on the website Bruzz

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  • Presentation by Dienacht : " This book is a two-year endless blink of happiness. « You always said that I dreamt too much.    Hearts and minds of those who tried,    by the sea and the salt.    You were the Ra and I was the seed.    And despite the heavy clouds,    I hope that flowers will bloom,    where the sun, only once shown »  "We are offering this...

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  • Presentation by Origini Edizioni: " ORION is the memory of a gone love story: an experience of light and shadow; white, black and shaded in the contours. The subjects and the words of the author are sublimated by time and are returned to us as a brief experience of overwhelming passion, pain and inspiration. The Orion’s belt as an inscrutable cold keeper...

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  • .Sold out. Publisher's presentation: "I roamed those streets, again. Some will mark the city, some will get drunk, some will find love. I will be with on their side for the night, again. 3 a.m, finally home."Riso printing.68 pages - Softcover Dienacht, 2017 (200 numbered copies) Format : 13 x 18.5 cm New - Mint condition (outside of possible...

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