Summer of the Fawn (*signed*)

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"In his new photobook, Summer of the Fawn, Alain Laboile once again provides insight into the free and nearly fairytale-like life of his family in a small village in the southwest of France. Far away from social constraints, school stress, Facebook & Co., it always seems to be summer here, and his six children frolic barefoot in an enchanted garden, in which one encounters cats, grass snakes, and even a fawn. Nevertheless, rules do indeed exist, even in fairytales – we thus also see how the children are homeschooled: sensibly and lovingly, and often outdoors. Summer of the Fawn is a beautiful, vivacious, and at the same time melancholic ode to childhood and life."

Texts in English and French.

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112 pages - Hardcover

Kehrer Verlag, 2018

Format : 18 x 24 cm


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Laboile, Alain

Alain Laboile is a self-taught photographer, a skilled metalworker by trade, who discovered that he had a talent and a passion for photography. Photo : © self-portrait
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    .The two copies we are selling are dedicated on the title page to a person who never purchased the books.Presentation on the publisher's website: "Alain Laboile resides with his family in a small village in the southwest of France. A sculptor by trade, he acquired his first camera as a tool to record his creations in metal only a few years ago. But his...

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  • Introduction by Fabien Ribéry (in French only) : "L'être humain est lourd, terriblement, voilà bien son drama. Lorsque l'on est artiste, poète, compositeur de félicités, il est possible de s'alléger par la grâce du style. Alain Laboile est de ceux-ci, dont l'apesanteur est à la fois une recherche, une éthique et une nostalgie. Quand le quotidien est...

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    .One copy only, forgotten then re-discovered in a box!.En attendant le facteur (Waiting for the Postman), is Alain Laboile's first book, published in 2012. Alain Laboile is not a trained photographer, he has been taking pictures of his chlidren for years, in the house or in the large garden with a pond, insects, and other animals. Beautiful portraits,...

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