List of photobooks by photographer Meeks, Raymond

Raymond Meeks is an American photographer famous for the short-printrun editions that he self-publishes, often including prints in the publications. His work revolves around a special bond to his subjects, whether a proximity to the people (family & friends), or a connection, an attachment to places.

Raymond has also published several photobooks with Nazraeli Press between 2006 and 2010. In 2018, he published "Halfstory Halflife" in France with Chose Commune, and in 2020 "ciprian honey cathedral" with Mack.

In 2021, Mack published "SOmersault", a second edition of a photobook Raymond Meeks self-published a few years prior.

© Image taken from the homepage of the artist's website.

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  • Présentation de Mack Books : " « We live our lives in widening circles, rarely appreciating their nature and how they bring us back. In a year, my daughter will be leaving home and is no stranger to a similar wanderlust I once knew. As a father, I always felt it was important to instill a profound sense of place, to identify with a certain place as home,...

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  • Presentation by MACK: " « What is there between the branch and apple when it falls?     We have seen it—we would recognize it anywhere. Yet of an evening we are told nothing is there.              -- Wright Morris  » Raymond Meeks is renowned for his use of photography and the book form to poetically distill the liminal junctures of vision, consciousness...

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  • .Sold out. Presentation by Chose Commune: "Over the course of multiple summers, Raymond Meeks has ventured the few miles from his rural home in the Catskill Mountain region of New York, to a single-lane bridge spanning the tributaries of Bowery and Catskill Creeks. Beneath the bridge, a waterfall drops sixty-feet over moss-covered limestone toward a...

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