Silent Histories (*signed*)

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.PLEASE NOTE : Our signed copies have a tiny imperfection - Mint unsigned & sealed copies also available - Please do get in touch.

Publisher's presentation :

"Silent Histories is a testimony to the tragedy of indiscriminate bombing by US forces during the War in the Pacific, which killed 330,000 Japanese and injured 430,000 more. The figures are imposing: some 9.7 million left homeless and more than 2.23 million homes destroyed in more than 200 different cities. In the midst of this enormous destruction, many children were orphaned in an instant or suffered burning or mutilations that marked them for life.

Japan achieved its economic recovery in the wake of wartime devastation. This remarkable growth has been dubbed the « Japanese economic miracle. »  In spite of this unprecedented prosperity, however, children with war injuries have been forced to live harsh lives, unable to cure their wounds. They have lived in the shadows, concealing their pain, hiding their scars, and sparing others the discomfort of seeing them.

Silent Histories was originally published in 2014 in a special limited edition of forty-five handmade copies."

A beautiful book, faithful to the original project self-published by the artist in 2014.

.PLEASE NOTE : Our signed copies have a tiny imperfection - Mint unsigned & sealed copies also available - Please do get in touch.

Texts in English.
Design: Jan Rosseel, Yumi Goto, Kazuma Obara.

162 pages - Linen hardcover

Editorial RM, 2015

Format : 18.8 x 26.4 cm


New - Mint condition

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Obara, Kazuma

Kazuma Obara (Japan, 1985) is a photojournalist based in the UK and Japan. Focusing on hidden victims in society is a theme he explores in his projects. Just after the tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011, he began documenting the disaster area, photographing from inside Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
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