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Presentation by Editions lamaindonne :  

[translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"« Gilles Roudière belongs to that family of intuitive and sensitive photographers; he does not tell the world as it is, but as he feels it. And in the images of Cuba he brings to us, there is no will to testify, no intention to document. Nothing is descriptive. No hint, no geographical or social study. His intent does not lie there.

With Trova, Gilles Roudière offers a geographic journey through Cuba in the way of the Spanish-American trovadores going from town to town to sing their songs. He goes with the flow of the traveling and creates powerful black and white images, with a free grainy feel. Without ever stopping at the surface of things, free from the commonplace and from the seduction of exoticism, his photographs play between fiction and reality and create a narrative that seems to be coming straight out of a movie. Images that are often at the boundaries of surrealism, carried by a fascinated and fascinating gaze. »

          --  Caroline Bénichou   "

Copies signed by the photographer.

160 pages - Hardcover

Editions lamaindonne, 2019

Format : 18 x 24 cm


New - Mint condition

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Roudière, Gilles

Gilles Roudière is a French self-taught photographer based in Berlin. He has been part of the Temps Zéro project / collective since its inception and he is represented by galerie in)(between in Paris. In 2019, he publishes his first photobook "Trova" with lamaindonne. © Portrait by Damien Daufresne
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