Share the pleasure of photography

Medium of expression, pleasure of reading, object of collection, the photo book or photobook is everything at once

Share the pleasure of photography

Medium of expression, pleasure of reading, object of collection, the photo book or photobook is everything at once


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  • Presentation by Dewi Lewis : (publisher of the English edition) "Youngsters meet up on the village outskirts, racing their tractorcars, burning tyremarks into the warm summer asphalt. The smell of rubber, oil and souped-up engines fills the air when the engines speed. The cars form into a circle as the boys take turns in the middle. It is a game – showing...

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  • Meat America by Dominic Episcopo could easily pass for a "gimmick", on the very "carnal" relation between the United States, the Americans, their culture and the good steack. Meat America is a funny and inventive book, sometimes provocative; a humorous book, and a lot more too! Through images of steak or beef ribs chosen and cut to represent American...

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  • .Sold out.First publication produced for the Self Publish Be Happy "Book Club". Adam Broomberg et Oliver Chanarin working together for 15 years (1997 - 2012)Publisher's presentation: "Mixing private moments, self portraits and images from their documentary projects, the beautiful collection of personal polaroids form an intimate and imperfect inventory of...

  • Ce petit livre est le troisième volume publié par Self Publish Be Happy dans le cadre de son "Book Club". C'est aussi le premier ouvrage présentant le travail de Cristina De Middel depuis le désormais célèbre Afronauts qui fit sensation en 2012 et est désormais extrêmement recherché, paraissant ci et là à des prix stratosphériques !   Dans ce livre De...

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  • Presentation by Steidl: "Jakob Tuggener’s Fabrik, published in Zurich in 1943, is considered to be a milestone in the history of photography books. The series of 72 photographs in this Photo Epos of Technology is oriented toward the expressionist aesthetic of the silent movie. It imparts a sceptical view of the destructive potential of unbridled...

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  • Michael Jang found this series of portraits nearly 30 years after making the pictures. During a casting for a local American channel that offered 5 people the chance to present the weather, he was asked to make a portrait of each candidate after his test in front of the camera.A very simple, almost innocent series, which simply reminds us of the 80s and...

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  • Presentation by Mack: "Anne-Marie Merryman collected postcards between 1937 and 1980, a collection inherited by her granddaughter, Anne Sophie Merryman. The book, Mrs. Merryman’s Collection, presents the postcards which together form the story of two intertwined lives - one life lived travelling the world through the postcard images, the other a child and...

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  • .Sold out.Dans les années 70 & 80, conforté par la découverte du travail d'Eggleston au MoMA en 1976, Harry Gruyaert  (Magnum Photos) a photographié la Belgique en couleurs. Superbe livre, par un des plus célèbres photographe belges. En début d'ouvrage, et en contrepoint, une série d'images antérieures en N&B.Harry Gruyaert indique : "La Belgique...

  • Rien de mieux que les mots de Bernard Plossu lui-même : "[…] Des photos de ce que la vie apporte comme moments non prévus, des photos qui vous prennent pourrait-on dire, le Nord aussi beau et sauvage que le grand Ouest américain ! Je me suis mis à l'aimer, petit à petit, ce Nord qui rentrait en moi au fur et à mesure que Pierre Devin m'y faisait découvrir...

  • Quick view Wall, Jeff
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    Presentation by Steidl: "For over 20 years, Jeff Wall has been developing an outstanding body of work, using photography in an innovative way which has contributed significantly to placing the medium of photography firmly on the map of contemporary art. In his carefully staged and composed images, sometimes digitally altered, placed in back-lit boxes...

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  • .Sold out.Viviane Sassen a réalisé cette série entre 2002 et 2004 dans les "townships" d'Afrique du Sud, en photographiant les intérieurs des maisons, des bars et des commerces dont la décoration présente en effet une certaine homogénéité. Des images en lumière souvent très blanche et aux cadrages parfois surprenants, qui donnent - sans y paraître -...

  • From the publisher : "A comparison and photographic panorama of “tables of power” The financial crisis of 2009 shook the global economy to its very foundations. Yet has anything changed at the centers of power since? Do executive suites look different than they used to? And what do they actually look like? A decade ago, Jacqueline Hassink captured images...

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  • .Copy sold.Important catalogue de l'oeuvre de William Klein, paru à l'occasion de la première rétrospective consacrée à ce maître par le Centre Pompidou (Paris), en 1983. Ce livre présente à la fois le travail de Klein en tant que photographe et en tant que cinéaste Le livre débute par une présentation de l'artiste et de son unviers via un "Klein Index en...

  • .Sold out. Ron Jude nous emmène dans la montagne de l'Idaho (nord-ouest des États-Unis), dans les traces d'un trappeur qui vérifie ses pièges. Les images simples de Ron Jude, qui nous montre la vie de cet homme, sa maison, les paysages, les arbres, la terre, la faune, transmettent une impression de paix et de solitude. Les images de Ron Jude sont...

  • .Sold out. Le voyage très particulier de Pieter Hugo dans l'industrie du film du Nigeria.   Pieter Hugo remet en scène des personnages de films, souvent dans des costumes de films d'horreur - parfois grotesques - et des situations "gore" ou violentes... Cette galerie de portraits génère une impression très étrange, un doute sur la signification de ces...

  • .Sold out. We are offering a copy of the first edition of this book (green cover), when the second edition (brown cover) is already hard to find...Presentation by Little Brown Mushroom: "In House of Coates, writer Brad Zellar pieces together the story of legendary recluse Lester B. Morrison. Working from a handful of encounters and contradictory...

  • .Sold out.Titre complet : "The Open Book - A History of the Photographic Book from 1878 to the Present". Ce livre, paru peu de temps après le "Book of 101 Books" (Andrew Roth) et peu de temps avant le premier tome de "Le Livre de photographies : Une Histoire" (Martin Parr / Gerry Badger) est une des références des collectionneurs de livres de...

  • .Copy sold.PLEASE NOTE: We are offering HERE copies of the third edition of this photobook, published by Nazraeli in 2019.Todd Hido's first book, offered here in the second printing from 2007. The copy offered unfortunately presents a small bump to the lower end of the back / binding (see Photos). Perfect condition otherwise. Signed by Todd Hido.NB : The...

  • La 4ème de couverture est on ne peut plus précise : "Ce livre est le livre d'une passion. Une passion commune à Robert Doisneau et Henri Alekan : la lumière. Ces deux grands maîtres se sont réunis pour la première fois, le 8 juillet 1992, au Théâtre du Ranelagh. Cette rencontre a fait l'objet d'un film. Nous vous proposons la transcription intégrale de...

  • .Sold out.From the publisher : "Street photography is perhaps the defining genre of photographic art. Seminal works by Walker Evans, Harry Callahan, Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand display photography’s astonishing dance with life, and its unique role in forming our perceptions of the modern world. The Present is Paul Graham’s contribution to this...

  • Quick view Hugo, Pieter
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    .Last copy (with imperfection).Publisher's presentation:"The most recent publication from the award-winning photographer Pieter Hugo reveals the devastating consequences of toxic waste on one community in Africa.In his previous well–received volumes of photographs, Hugo offers unflinching yet striking portraits of humans, animals, societies, and...

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  • Presentation by Dewi Lewis : "When Elin Høyland heard about two elderly brothers, Harald and Mathias Ramen, living together in Tessanden, a small hamlet in rural Norway, she approached them to see if they would collaborate with her on a photographic project about their lives. The result is a fascinating and warmly human study of a way of life that has now...

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  • .Sold out. From the publisher : "Gerry Johansson's sensitive and subtle photographs hint at human life through the occasional car or lone figure but for the most part they draw the reader’s eye to the simplistic architecture of a small American town. In singling out Pontiac, Johansson offers comment on more than the landscape, photographing a microcosm of...

  • .Only one copy.Publisher's presentation of Christian Patterson's photobook: “Redheaded Peckerwood, which unerringly walks the fine line between fiction and nonfiction, is a disturbingly beautiful narrative about unfathomable violence and its place on the land”Luc Sante Redheaded Peckerwood is a work with a tragic underlying narrative – the story of 19...

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  • Presentation by Mack: "Bertien van Manen’s blissful images of family holidays in den Eikenhorst (literally meaning Nest of Oak Trees) from the 1970s are the subject of her latest publication, Easter and Oak Trees. It was her son, one of the primary subjects in the series, who recently reminded van Manen of the archive. Lightness dominates these black and...

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  • From the presentation by MACK : "Paul Graham, winner of the 2012 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography, is a vital figure in contemporary photography, working for over thirty years and continually challenging different genres of photographic practice. His work has been widely embraced, with exhibitions at the Tate and the Museum of...

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  • .Copy sold. Publisher's presentation: "I have to like the people I photograph. I need to feel an attraction, a fascination."  --  Bertien van Manen "Buried deep in Bertien van Manen's images is an intimacy between photographer and subject. The viewer trespasses on the private moments in the frame, catching a glare over breakfast, unheard words between...

  • Tiane Doan na Champassak a voyagé en Inde, en Thaïlande, au Brésil, au Mexique, et en Birmanie à la rencontre de communautés de transsexuelles. Le photographe porte un regard direct, parfois abrupt mais toujours bienveillant sur ces personnes qui ne sont considérées ni comme des hommes ni comme des femmes, et mènent une vie de combat et de douleur pour...

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  • .Sold out. Publisher's presentation: "Photographer and bookseller Melissa Catanese has recently been editing the vernacular photography collection of Peter J. Cohen, helping to organize this massive curated archive (a trove of 20,000+ prints) into a series of single-theme catalogues. Along the way, she has pursued an alternate reading of the collection,...

  • .Sold out. Intéressant dialogue entre des clichés d'Indochine du début du XXème siécle réalisés par la grand-mère de Tiane Doan na Champassak, et des images du Vietnam et du Cambodge aujourd'hui réalisées par l'artiste. Le travail de Tiane Doan na Champassak a gagné le monde l'édition indépendante en 2011 et 2012, lorsqu'il a publié plusieurs livres...

Showing 1121 - 1152 of 1168 items

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