Un jour aux courses (*signed & numbered*)

@ Viguié, Jean-Pierre

N/A - AV0072


Un jour aux courses (in English: A Day at the Races) is an artist book made of a 12-page booklet (text & presentation) signed and numbered (with additional Japanese stamp) and 32 loose images printed on Mohawk paper 320 g/m².
30 copies have been made: 25 numbered 1 to 25 and 5 artist proofs numbered HCI to HCV (HC for French "Hors Commerce", or "Out of the market").

The Black & White images were made on a summer day at the horse racetrack of Viseo, in the city of Zonza, Corsica. A phrase, printed on each image in yellow, takes us deeper in the frame and in the moment depicted... Jean-Pierre Viguié perfectly captures in this series all the little moments, peculiar and unique, that make a day at the races such an unforgettable experience.

Excerpt from the introduction text by the author:

"This series of images reveals stories, fictions, mental projections that the spectators and gamblers create and experience for themselves in the distinctive and peculiar atmosphere of a horse race. The phrases in text overlay are secret and interior voices of the gamblers, carried away in an imaginary world by the atmosphere of the race."

12-page booklet and 32 loose images presented in a box

Self-published, 2014 (25 copies, we are offering numbers 2/25 and 3/25)


New - Mint condition

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