Je suis un piéton, rien de plus

@ Guglielmi, Eric



Publisher's presentation:

"Born in Charleville-Mézières, Éric Guglielmi suffered in his childhood the omnipresence of Rimbaud, his tyranny: Rimbaud street, the Rimbaud place, the Rimbaud museum, the Rimbaud school ... Then comes the adolescence, and the poignant reading of the poet. Eric Guglielmi followed in the footsteps of Rimbaud and visited methodically, each of the cities visited by the poet.

From Charleville on the border of Belgium, to Ethiopia, the countries of the north and the south meet in turn, face to face, back to back, side by side. So much so that the tracks are blurred and that the viewer can no longer locate such plant, such dog, such ocean.

In the same way everything finds its place in terms of the viewpoints that clash and if in Western culture, the image of dromedary savagely slaughtered is the most barbaric, in Africa the most unsustainable, the cruelest is that of the dog, which has probably been leashed for a long time, going round in circles, imprisoned.

This notebook thus follows the route taken first at the twilight of the nineteenth century, then again in the footsteps of the poet at the dawn of the twenty-first. Alexandria, Attigny, Cairo, Calais, Charleroi, Civitavecchia, Deville, Harar, Hargnies, High Rivers, Laifour, London, Monthermé, Obock, Ostend, Renwez, Roche, Rome, Tadjoura, Voncq ... These images of today are complicit in the metaphors of yesterday. "

Je suis un piéton, rien de plus is a beautiful journey that succeeds in mixing excerpts from Rimbaud's texts and Eric Guglielmi's images.

128 pages - Hardcover faux leather with obi / partial DJ

Editions GANG, 2011

New - Mint condition

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