Gröna Lund

@ Petersen, Anders



96 pages - Softcover

Aman Iman Publishing, 2013

New - Mint condition

Publisher's presentation:

"Gröna Lund is the reissue of Swedish photographer Anders Petersen’s first book: Grönalund om människör pa ett nöjesfalt, originally published by Fyra Förläggare in Stockholm, 1973.

Following Café Lehmitz, this series is also produced in a closed world, one of Sweden’s oldest amusement parks, situated on one of Stockholm’s islands and dating back to 1883. Through this re-reading of the 1973 publication, Anders Petersen clearly demonstrates the evolution of his approach.

This book is a new not limited edition with soft cover."

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Petersen, Anders

Anders Petersen , a Swedish photographer, was born 1944 in Stockholm. H e cultivates empathy for ordinary people or those who have been damaged by life, as well as an intelligence of the encounter. He is recognized for his intimate and personal documentary-style black-and-white photographs. Photo: © Eric Kim
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