Lux et Nox

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The story of this book, first published by Scalo in 2002 and sold out the following year, reprinted / republished by Thames & Hudson in 2008 (as stated in the copies offered).

A controversial book, because it includes nudity of teenagers and yound adults, but an impressive body of work and a splendid book about and the limits that are pushed, about teenagers wandering and trespassing the barriers, about a search of darkness and a dark side, a book about coming of age...

Bill Henson colors teenage nights like a master

Really beautiful images where the bodies and the faces look like they are out of a Rembrandt or a Goya painting, and where the night is thick and magical.

176 pages - Hardcover with DJ

Thames & Hudson, 2008

Format : 42 x 28 cm

New - Mint condition

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Henson, Bill

Bill Henson (Melbourne, Australia, b.1955) is one of Australia’s most notable leaders in Contemporary photography. Notable influences on his work include the famous Melbourne painter and his long-term partner Louise Hearman, and the award-winning film director Paul Cox. Photo: © smhcomau
  • .Sold out. Publisher's presentation: "At the age of 33, one of Australia’s foremost photographers, Bill Henson, produced some of the most evocative portraits and powerful dreamscapes of his career. Now nearly 30 years on STANLEY/BARKER has published this transcendental body of work for the first time. Shot at dawn or dusk, in the suburbs of Melbourne,...

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    .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Bill Henson is a visionary explorer of twilight zones, between nature and civilization, youth and adulthood, male and female. His photographs are painterly tableaux that continue the traditions of romantic literature and painting. Henson's elegant, formal photographs – of battered landscapes and fragile, wispy youths –...

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    .Our last copy - Sold out by the publisher.IMPORTANT NOTICE to our customers outside of France : please note that - given the price & size of this book - we will not be able to offer the "Low Cost" shipping option for this item. Unfortunately, we do not have the technical possibility to remove this option a specific item, so we would simply request...

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  • Publisher's presentation: "The black-and-white images were photographed within the confines of a house in a Johannesburg suburb, the location of which remains a mystery. The inhabitants of the house, both people and animals, and most notably, the ever-present birds, are the cast who perform within a sculptural and decorated theatrical interior that Roger...

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  • Presentation by Thames & Hudson: " Dublin has captured countless imaginations and inspired some of the greatest artists and writers throughout history. Focused on D1, Dublin's city center, photographer Eamonn Doyle's three major bodies of work, « i », « ON » and « END » all initially self-published and brought together here, tell the tale of today's...

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  • Publisher's presentation: "A behind-the-scenes exploration of the art of contemporary photography, richly illustrated with rarely seen works-in-progress from forty-three of today's most original practitioners. This book celebrates the new creative processes of the modern photographic era, in which blogs and Instagram streams function alongside analogue...

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