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How much can you carry ? (*signed*)

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(adapted from) Publisher's presentation:

" The series How much can you carry ? was born out of the fascination of Floriane de Lassée for the lines of people carrying loads as large as they were diverse along the African roads. This series gradually extended to four continents, with about ten countries represented today (Rwanda , Ethiopia, Nepal , Japan, Indonesia , Bolivia, Brazil...).

The portraits were made in a very simple, frontal setup. The artist requested from each person to take the stage with what they held most dearly. In the very small communities, it was usually essential commodities they were using / trading / selling to make a living (bags of grain, straw bales, empty bottles, anything that can be traded or has market value).

Models strike the pose with curiosity for the experience, apparently having fun, and often with pride. As part of the project, and from a more analytical standpoint, Floriane also wanted to mention other less explicit "weights", such as tradition , the social status or family. "

With a text by Sybille d'Orgeval, in French and English.

96 pages (two gatefolds) - Hardcover, no DJ

Filigranes, 2014

Format : 21.5 x 29.5 cm


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