List of photobooks by photographer Grant, Ken

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  • .Sold out. The second book by Artist Photo Books (after Paul Seawright's Volunteer), Flock or F L O C K is the documentary work of Ken Grant, shot over a period of several years, about the weekly livestock market in Hereford, England. Everything is shot as if you were part of this event, each image puts you right in the middle of it: the poultry, the...

  • No Pain Whatsoever is a series made on a rather long period (1985 - 2009) during which Ken Grant took pictures of his contemporaries in his hometown of Liverpool. Lively Black & White portraits, often touching, of people leading a difficult life in neighbourhoods that look much like others often seen in the works of what is sometimes called the...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items