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  • Yamamoto, Masao

    Masao Yamamoto is a Japanese photographer, originally trained as an oil painter.

    His work of portraits, landscapes and still lifes are silver prints that are delicately toned and sometimes overpainted or dyed

    He has self-published several artist books and also published multiple collaborations with various publishers, including: "Nakazora" (Nazraeli, 2002), "Omizuao" (Nazraeli, 2004), "Where We Met" (Lannoo, 2012), "Small Things in Silence" (Editorial RM / Seigensha, 2015), "Tori" (Radius Books, 2017), "Bonsai - Microcosms Macrocosms" (T&M Projects, 2019) and "Sanasami" (IIKKI Books, 2020).

    © Portrait by unknown photographer taken from the artist's Wikipedia page

  • Yang, Luo

    Luo Yang is a Chinese photographer, working mainly on female portraits and nudes, in a series called "Girls". Women in Luo Yang's photography are free, confident, proud, simple... in one word maybe just normal... and these portraits participate in deconstructing the stereotypes - however old and less pregnant now - about Chinese women.
    © Luo Yang / Taken from the Edition Lammerhuber website

  • Yang, Yuanyuan

    Yuanyuan Yang is a young Chinese artist trained in photography at the London "University of the Arts". She usually works from collected documents and creates narratives using facts and fiction.

    She publishes ''10 Days in Krakow'' in 2014 with Jiazazhi.

    © Self-portrait taken from the artist's Instagram feed

  • Yatromanolakis, Yorgos

    Yorgos Yatromanolakis is a Greek photographer working on long-term projects that he turns into books. He is also co-founder of the artist-run space "Zoetrope" in Athens.

    His series "The splitting of the chrysalis & the slow unfolding of the wings" was exhibited and generated a lot of interest in 2018, it was published under the same title by VOID.

    © Portrait taken from the artist's Instagram profile

  • Yogananthan, Vasantha

    Vasantha Yogananthan is a French photographer and publisher. He co-founded the publishing House Chose Commune in 2014.

    The artist's website states: « Yogananthan's strong interest in painting led him to work around the genres of portrait, still life and landscape. Using these traditions as a starting point, he refined his photographic approach to produce photographs that expand the traditional genres and are united by a distinctively muted colour palette, achieved solely using natural light. »

    Vasantha has received numerous awards for his images (among them Prix Levallois 2016 and ICP Infinity Award for Emerging Photographer of the Year 2017) and the books published by Chose Commune ("Sobras" by Geraldo de Barros, Prix Nadar Gens d'Images 2017, French photobook of the year).

    He has published his own work with Chose Commune: "Piémanson" in 2014, and the project "A Myth of Two Souls", a photographic narration of the Ramayana epic, over a series of seven photobooks (in progress) : "Early Times" (2016), "The Promise" (2017), "Exile" (2017), "Dandaka" (2018), "Howling Winds" (2019) and "Afterlife" (2020). The final book in the series titled "Amma" is published in 2021.

    © Portrait taken from the website Photographic Museum of Humanity

  • Yokonami, Osamu

    Osamu Yokonami is a Japanese photographer. He is mainly known for his group portraits of young women, usually dressed in identical fashion and taking the same pose. Often, the faces of the models remain hidden.

    He is also known for his series "Primal", where he portraits young children with an apple held between their left ear and their left shoulder.

    Yokonami recently published 3 photobooks with Libraryman : "Mizugi" (2018), "Primal" (2019) and "Kumo" (2020).

    © Portrait taken from the website Art Loft Asia

  • Yokota, Daisuke

    Daisuke Yokota, b. 1983, Saitama, Japan, has developped a body of work that is recognizable; as he often re-photographs his prints and devotes a lot of time to work in the dark room where he works on experimenting chemicals, solarizations, etc, a practice that often gives a specific feel and texture to his images.
    Photo: © Flo Kohl

  • Yoshiyuki, Kohei

    Kohei Yoshiyuki is a Japanese photographer famous for his series "The Park" (in Japanese : Kōen or 公園 ) initially exhibitied at the Komai gallery in Tokyo in 1979.

    This series, shot in the Shinjuku and Yoyogi parks in Tokyo, shows couples and groups of people engaged in sexual activity, often on the ground, and often with one or more people looking...

    This series was initially published by Seven Sha in 1980 and appears in "The Photobook: A History, Vol. II" by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. The most recent book about this work is "The Park" by Radius Books in 2019.

  • Yu-ki, Abe

    Yu-ki Abe is a Japanese photographer.

    In 2018, he publishes "Trace of Fog" with Roshin Books.

    © Portrait taken from the LensCulture page of the artist

  • Zbierski, Piotr

    Piotr Zbierski is a young Polish photographer. He works with a 6x6 camera or polaroid

    In 2012, he won the prize for young photographer "Leica Oscar Barnack - Newcomer Award" for his series "Pass by me"; the same year, his work is presented at the Rencontres d'Arles festival.

    In 2016, his long-term project, presented in a triptych of three series and called "Push the Sky Away" is published by André Frère (French version) and by Dewi Lewis (English version). In 2020, he publishes "Echoes Shades" with André Frère, a sbody of work about beliefs and shamanism in various regions of the world.

    © Portrait taken from the website Celeste Network (uncredited)

  • Zhipeng, Lin (aka 223)

    Lin Zhipeng is a Chinese photographer. In 2003 he creates a blog called "North Latitude 223", that becomes very successful, where he shares images and short texts.

    After many group exhibitions, his work is presented in solo shows in China, the USA , The Netherlands, and in many other countries. His work is a study on the body, on gender, on day to day life, liberty and innocence, nudity and sexuality, with a strong interest for colors and the frequent appearances of flowers and vegetal elements...

    Lin Zhipeng named himself "223" as a reference to the policeman character in the movie "Chungking Express" by Wong Kar-Wai.

    He has published many books including "Hidden Track" (Editions Bessard, 2016), "Sour Strawberries" (Editions Bessard, 2018),  "Flowers and Fruits" (T&M Projects, 2019) and "Grand Amour" (Witty Books, 2020).

    © Portrait by Adam J. Schokora taken from a 2015 interview on the Neo Cha website.

  • Ziehli, Myriam

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