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  • Vanfleteren, Stephan

    Stephan Vanfleteren is a Belgian photographer and publisher. He has received numerous awards, including five World Press Photo Awards and his work has been exhibited in many famous institutions, in Europe and beyond.

    He co-founded the publishing house Cannibal Publishing, and its spin-off dedicated to photography Hannibal Publishing.

    He has published many photobooks, and among others "Atlantic Wall" (Hannibal, 2014), "Charleroi" (Hannibal, 2015) and "Surf Tribe" (Hannibal, 2018).

    © Photo taken from the artist's website

  • Vanoverberghe, Sybren

    Sybren Vanoverberghe is a young Belgian photographer.

    His website states: « His work functions as an analysis of the correlation between place and time and the ever recurring cycle of history. He searches for elements of myths, nature and heritage both within ordinary sites as in places of historical importance. By what process do we attach meaning to these locations? His practice deconstructs sites and brings together icons to form a new unity of the present. »

    He has published two books with APE / Art Paper Editions : "2099" in 2018 and "Conference of the Birds" in 2019.

    © Self-portrait taken from the artist's social media

  • Verdier, Elliott

    Elliott Verdier is a French documentary photographer.

    In 2021, he creates the publishing house Dunes Editions with Margaux Beaughon to publish his first photobook "Reaching for Dawn". The imprint's website indicates [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]: « Interested in the themes of memory, transmission through generations and resilience, Elliott Verdier travels extensively through territories and photographs people he meets with dignity and a form of closeness he manages to create. »

    In 2017, he work on "A Shaded Path", his first long-term project, in Kirghizistan; then he started in 2019 his second large project, "Reaching for Dawn", shot with a large-format camera in Liberia.

    Elliott Verdier also works for the newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times and M le Magazine from French newspaper Le Monde.

    © Portrait taken from the artist's Instagram page

  • Vionnet, Corinne

    Corinne Vionnet is a Swiss visual artist working mainly from photographic image. In her projects, her principla concerns include « questions about collective experience, memory, and how our relationships to space define our perceptions of ourselves ».

    She is a pioneer in re-purposing of images found on the web; her project "Photo Opportunities" (published by Kehrer in 2011) was for instance included in the important exhibition "From Here On" at the Rencontres d'Arles festival in 2011. 

    Among her more recent publications: "ME. Here Now" (Fall Line Press, 2017) and "Total Flag" (self-published, 2018).

    © Portrait taken form the artist's FB page

  • Vitaglione, Marina

    Marina Vitaglione is a photo researcher, photographer and journalist from France.

    She published in 2017 with Overlapse the book Solastalgia, a documentary / fiction work on the impact of climate change on Venice.

    © Portrait of the artist by Jose Sarmento Matos.

  • Vitturi, Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Vitturi is an Italian photographer living in London.

    His first book Dalston Anatomy (Self Publish Be Happy, 2013) about the Dalston neighborhood in London, appeared in many lists of the best photobooks of the yea. The series has been exhibitied in many countries worldwide.

    In 2017 he publishes Money Must Be Made, again with Self Publish Be Happy, a dive into the buzzing and colorful Balogun Market in Lagos, Nigeria.

    © Portrait by Giulia Civardi

  • Vivier, Camille

    Camille Vivier is a French photographer following a career in fashion photography and magazine work (Dazed and Confused, Numéro, etc.) along with a personal artistic work.

    Her personal work is a research around femininity, its affirmation, and about the woman's body. She finds inspiration in cinema, in sub-genres, and in still life art. Her images can sometimes be considered slightly outrageous, and are more often loaded with eroticism.

    Since the end of the 1990s, Camille Vivier has received several awards (Hyères, Villa Médicis), and her photography work has been displayed in many solo shows (Galerie Kammel Menour, Villa Noailles, Unseen, Galerie Für Moderne Fotografie, etc.).

    She has published several photobooks, including "Twist" with Art Paper Editions in 2019.

    © Portrait by Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol

  • Von Unwerth, Ellen

  • Waeyaert, Dinaya

    Dinaya Waeyaert is a Belgian artist and photographer based in Brussels.

    In 2018, she self-publishes her first photobook "Personal Collection", and in 2021, German publisher Dienacht Publishing released "Come Closer", a series dedicated to her love interest and partner of four years.

    From the Dienacht Publishing website :

    " Ever since I started photographing I focused on people who were closest to me. The ones that I've known for a long time or the ones that I feel drawn to. When we grow older our relationships with the people around us evolve. Somehow I feel the need to hold on to this by making images. Already now when I look back at all the pictures I’ve taken, it feels like a family album where everyone, even myself, changes every day.

    I take a lot of pictures. Every series I've made is built around a great deal of images. This is a certain obsessive way of working I have always loved. "

  • Webb Nichols, Lora

    Lora Webb Nichols is an American photographer and collector.

    She is known for her work as a photographer and a collector of negatives documenting the live of the community of Encampment in the state of Wyoming,  in the first half of the 20th century.

    A website is dedicated to her archives : Lora Webb Nichols Photography Archive. the website states « Lora Webb Nichols (1883-1962) created and collected approximately 24,000 negatives over the course of her lifetime in the mining town of Encampment, Wyoming. The images chronicle the domestic, social, and economic aspects of the sparsely populated frontier of south-central Wyoming. »

    In 2020, Fw:Books publishes the photobook "Encampment, Wyoming" from this archive, edited by Nicole Jean Hill.

    © Portrait taken from the website "Lora Webb Nichols Photography Archive"

  • Weber, Bruce

  • Weber, Donald

    Donald Weber is a Canadian photographer

    He's focusing on the study of the ways to express power among men and in societies of all reach, groups or states.

    He has published 4 books, among them Interrogations (Schilt Publishing, 2011) included in Parr & Badger The Photobook: A History, Vol. 3, and War Sand (self-published, 2017).

    NB : Portrait taken from Donald Weber's Facebook page.

  • Weifenbach, Terri

    Terri Weifenbach is an American photographer and teacher, who states herself that the photobook is central to her artistic practice. She now resides in Paris, France.

    Terri Weifenbach is a photographer of nature, and one could say of its gentleness. She uses depth of field and blur to create a dreamlike atmosphere in photographs that are in a way suspended in time...

    Among her important photobooks, the first one of them "In Your Dreams" (Nazraeli, 1997) was included by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger in their book "The Photobook: A History volume II" (Phaidon, 2007). She then also published, among others, "Hunter Green" and "Lana" (Nazraeli, 2000), "Between Maple and Chestnut" (Nazraeli, 2012), "Gift" in collaboration with Rinko Kawauchi (IMA, 2014), "Des oiseaux" (Editions Xavier Barral, 2019) and "Cloud Physics (Atelier EXB, 2021).

    In 2015 she received a Guggenheim Fellowship.

    © Portrait taken from the Guggenheim Foundation website

Showing 1153 - 1184 of 1242 items