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  • Weir, Harley

    Harley Weir is a young British photographer and director; she works mainly - but not only - around the body and its representation, in a simple and straightforward manner, without filter or false modesty. Her work, that is said to bring new blood to the medium, is highly regarded in the fashion industry, and she has been collaborating with numerous luxury brands.

    In 2016, she publishes "Homes" with Loose Joints, a series about the makeshift houses in a refugee camp near Calais, France. In 2018, the Issue 5 of Baron Magazine is dedicated to her work, under the title "Function".

    © Portrait of the artist by journalist Rebecca Storm for an article in Ssense

  • Wertman, Orna

  • Wessels, Erik

  • Westra, Jenna

    Jenna Westra is an American photographer and film artist.

    Her photography work is mainly centered around studiying the body, body movement and postures, and relationships between bodies, primarily with female models. Her approach is part of the informal "movement" of young female photographers that are taking back the image of the female body from where it mostly stood, in the male gaze...

    She has published two photobooks with Hassla Books : "Atlas" (2018) and "Afternoons" (2020).

    © Portrait taken for the artist's (disused) Twitter account

  • Willaume, Alain

    Alain Willaume is a French photographer, member of the Tendance Floue collective since 2010. He is also a curator and teacher.

    The Tendance Floue website indicates: « Alain Willaume develops an unusual work in tune with the world which he crosses and observes for many years. Under the influence of long journeys and away from the main streams, he draws up a personal cartography made of enigmatic images, which all tell of the violence and the vulnerability of the world and the human beings who live in it.  »

    He won the Kodak Photography "Prix de la Critique" Award in 1979 and a Sony World Photography Award in 2011 in the Portraits category. He was one of the curators of the series of exhibitions themed INDIA at the Rencontres d'Arles 2007, and was the editor of the monography "India Now : New Visions in Photography" published by Thames & Hudson (and Textuel in France) in 2007.

    In 2019, he publishes "Coordonnées 72/18" with Éditions Xavier Barral, a survey of his career as a photographer.

    © Portrait taken from the website "Crossing the Line Festival" by the Alliance Française Institute (not credited)

  • Willett, Amani

    Amani Willett is an American photographer; his publisher Overlapse states « [His] photography is driven by conceptual ideas surrounding family, history, memory, and the social environment ».

    Amani Willett has published "Disquiet" (Damiani, 2013), "The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer" (Overlapse, 2017) which was reprinted in a second simplified "Cabin Edition", and "Parallel ROad (Overlapse, 2020). His work has also been included in several books, in particular about street photography.

    © Portrait taken from a short biography on the Format Festival website (uncredited)

  • Winant, Carmen

    Carmen Winant is an American artist and writer (she contributes to several publications, including Aperture), assistant professor in "Visual Studies and Contemporary Art History" at the "Columbus College of Art and Design", Ohio.
    © Portrait taken from the Colombus College of Art and Design website

  • Winship, Vanessa

    Vanessa Winship (1960) is an English photographer living in London and Istanbul. Member of Agence VU. After studying film and photography at Westminster University (Polytechnic of Central London), Vanessa Winship began teaching photography and then worked for the National Science Museum in London. She then becomes an independent photographer, working both at home and abroad.
    Photo: ©

  • Wolf, Michael

    Michael Wolf was a photographer who was a "citizen of the world" : born in 1954 in Germany, he spent earlier parts of his adult life in the United States, and then was mainly based between Hong-Kong and France. He died suddenly in April 2019.

    Photo: © Michael Wolf

  • Wolff, Barbara

    Barbara Wolff is a German photographer, teacher, and graphic designer.

    In addition to a position as a photographer and graphic designer for the brand of large-format cameras Linhof since 1990, Barbara Wolff has developped a personal practice and work, using large-format cameras as well as a "regular" cameras or a smartphone.

    She has also been a photography teacher and has given many workshops in Germany and in several countries (China, Vietnam, Brazil, etc.)

    Barbara is represented by the gallery Collection Regard, Berlin, and her series Metropolis has been on display at the Rencontres d'Arles festival in 2021 ("Arles associated" section / Fotohaus, inside the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz foundation). The book Metropolis published in 2020 by Lunik gathers this series of smartphone images of Berlin.

    © Portrait taken from the artist's website

  • Wolukau-Wanambwa, Stanley

    Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa is a British writer and photographer; he also contributed essays for monographs by Paul Graham and Vanessa Winship.

    As indicated on the LightWork website : « His photographic work addresses questions of patriarchy, race, history, and identity. »

    His book "One Wall a Web" (Roma Publications, 2018) about the divisions and violences, today and in history, within the American society received the « First Photobook » Award from Paris Photo / Aperture Foundation in 2018.

    © Portrait taken from the Georgia State University website

  • Wood, Tom

    Tom Wood is an Irish photographer considered one of the pionneers of modern color photography. He is known for his work of portraits, street photography and landscape photography, mainly through the daily life and social life in England (and more specifically Liverpool and Merseyside) in the 70's, 80's, and 90's, in pubs, public transportation, markets, workplaces, on football pitches, etc.

    Tom Wood has published several books, in particular "All Zones Off Peak" (Dewi Lewis, 1998), "Photie Man" (Steidl, 2005), "Termini" (GwinZegal, 2018), "Women's Market" (Stanley / Barker, 2018), "Mères, Filles, Soeurs" (Textuel, 2019) and "101 Pictures" (RRB Publishing, 2020).

    © Portrait taken from an article on the BBC website (uncredited)

  • Woodman, Francesca

    The American photographer Francesca Woodman (1958–1981) created a body of fascinating photographic works in a few intense years before her premature death. Her oeuvre has been shown in number of major exhibitions in recent years, and her photographs have inspired artists all over the world.
    Photo: ©Self portrait

  • Woon, Shyue

    Shyue Woon is an architect from Singapore, who is developping a photography work where his original training is very present.

    His project "Dark Cities" - self-published in collaboration with IPA (Invisible Photographer Asia) - is a set of 3 books, 3 perceptions of Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul through the « lens » of a specific and unusual location: a carpark, a run-down tower, an old city quarter.

    © Screenshot from the documentary "Making Personal Projects Video Series" on the IPA website.

  • Woudt, Bastiaan

    Bastiaan Woudt is a young self-taught Dutch photographer, who started photography when he was about 25.

    Bastiaan Woudt makes rather classical photography, often images with a simple yet refined construction and special attention to details and the use of light and shadows. He is a sophisticated user of post-production techniques.

    © Portrait taken from the artist's website (cropped)

  • Yamada, Natsumi

  • Yamamoto, Masaki

    Masaki Yamamoto is a Japanese photographer; he publishes Guts with Zen Foto Gallery in 2017.

Showing 1185 - 1216 of 1242 items