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Presentation by Filigranes :

[translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"« In the early seventies, going through Rome, during a cold and rainy winter; no good photographs, I had a wide-angle! except two or three in empty and quiet Pompeii under the magnificent rain...

Later, in 1979, having finally understood the quiet strength of the 50 mm, coming from the high plateaus of Taos in New Mexico where I was living, I meet Claude Nori in Rome, and then, it is a visual shock: is it because I live in the desert that this town is so fascinating to me in comparison? In fact the images of the American West are often horizontal, when those from the streets of Rome are often vertical ones! and I am also under the strong influence of the Roman oeuvre of Camille Corot, of whom I am thinking so often while there... Corot that struck me definitively by his sobriety.

Years will pass, until my return in Europe, and I am now under the very strong influence of the Scuola Romana painting movement (Mafai, Scipione, Pirandello, Antonietta Raphael, Afro): marvellous things that inspire me a lot.

Numerous visits: Rome attracts me on end, I am going there almost every year and I take photographs without any rule, especially nothing systematic or organised! Neighborhood by neighborhood, listening only to my instincts, and my passion above all: I am deeply in love with this city and, at the same time, with all the little Italian islands that I visit as well as often as possible! »

          -- Bernard Plossu  "

Texts by Bernard Plossu, Alain Bergala and Patrick Talbot IN FRENCH ONLY.

320 pages - Softcover with flaps

Filigranes, 2019

Format : 20 x 29 cm

New - Mint condition

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Plossu, Bernard

Bernard Plossu , born in 1945 in Đà Lạt, in the South of Vietnam, is a French photographer. Most of his work consists of travel logs or stories in pictures. Photo: © Jean-Michel Sordello
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