Couleurs Fresson (*signed*)

@ Plossu, Bernard



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Publisher's presentation :

"Midway between a book and a portfolio, this unbound  large format work (30 x 40 cm), printed on a rare stock in a limited edition, signed & numbered (170 copies), is a selection of Fresson colors by Bernard Plossu. The foreword is by Sylvie Hugues."

In the black box :
 - 12 photographs "Couleur Fresson" in double page (open format : 60 x 40 cm)
 - 3 photographs "Couleur Fresson" on simple page (format 30 x 40 cm)
 - 1 page for the foreword by Sylvie Hugues, translated into English by Laurie Hurwitz
 - 1 pair of white gloves

Paper for the inside pages: Olin Rough Pur Blanc 150 g. Paper for the cover with flaps : Olin Rough Pur Blanc 300 g

26 recto pages - Softcover (unbound) in cardboard box

de l'air, 2015 (170 copies)

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Mint condition

Plossu, Bernard

Bernard Plossu , born in 1945 in Đà Lạt, in the South of Vietnam, is a French photographer. Most of his work consists of travel logs or stories in pictures. Photo: © Jean-Michel Sordello
  • Rien de mieux que les mots de Bernard Plossu lui-même : "[…] Des photos de ce que la vie apporte comme moments non prévus, des photos qui vous prennent pourrait-on dire, le Nord aussi beau et sauvage que le grand Ouest américain ! Je me suis mis à l'aimer, petit à petit, ce Nord qui rentrait en moi au fur et à mesure que Pierre Devin m'y faisait découvrir...

  • .Last signed copy!. Presentation by Editions Xavier Barral:" Half traveler and half migratory photographer, as he likes to introduce himself, Bernard Plossu strides along the world since many years. He captures through his lens furtive moments, where birds are flying in huge swarms or caught alone, standing proudly in the middle of a puddle, or gliding...

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  • .PLEASE NOTE: the texts in this book are in French only. Presentation by Filigranes : [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal] " « In a sense, I like to be where I am not expected. It is not beacause I like poetic photography à la Boubat or à la Frank that I do not like, or am not able to appreciate other things. In fact, since the early seventies, I had...

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  • Publisher's presentation :    [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal] "After Bernard Plossu in 2015 (Couleur Fresson), the new collector by de l'air magazine presents new images by Antoine d'Agata, from his series Paradigmes, exhibited from Oct. 27th to Nov. 26th, 2016 at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris. 200 copies were printed in Offset by Arts...

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