Rivages (*signed*)

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Presentation for the English version by Thames & Hudson:

"The « edges » that Harry Gruyaert, a pre-eminent member of the Magnum photo agency, explores in this incredibly lush, full-colour book, are the oceans, seas and rivers where humans meet the edge and the water begins. This unusual volume, which opens from the top up, takes the reader to Israel’s Dead Sea, the Mali River in Niger, the North Sea of Iceland, South Korea and Biarritz, as Gruyaert's sensitive photos record the subtle chromatic vibrations of the edges of the Orient and the Occident. Gruyaert opposes the hustle of the city with a pared-down, yet intense, nature. His landscapes are never empty; they are inhabited places where light, colour, objects, people and situations weave a serene, sublime tableau.

This beautifully produced photographic manifesto reveals the profoundly poetic character of Harry Gruyaert's work, and the sensual elegance of his faultless compositions."

PLEASE NOTE: Although we used here above the presentation from the English version of this book (titled Edges) published by Thames & Hudson, we are offering only the French version Rivages, with the short introduction by Richard Nonas and the captions grouped at the end of the book in French only.

This book is in portrait-format but contains landscape-format photographs and consequently must be looked at turned 90° and browsing the pages from the bottom up...

144 pages - Hardcover

Textuel, 2018

Format : 23 x 30 cm


New - Mint condition


Gruyaert, Harry

Harry Gruyaert is a Belgian photographer, he joined Magnum Photos in 1982. Harry Gruyaert is known as one of the first modern phographers using color in Europe, as seen especially in his book Roots (Xavier Barral, 2012 & 2018) which brings us back to the Belgium of the seventies and eigthies. © Portrait with large-format camera  / Cyrille Weiner - Marine Berton / ENS Lumière
  • .Sold out.Dans les années 70 & 80, conforté par la découverte du travail d'Eggleston au MoMA en 1976, Harry Gruyaert  (Magnum Photos) a photographié la Belgique en couleurs. Superbe livre, par un des plus célèbres photographe belges. En début d'ouvrage, et en contrepoint, une série d'images antérieures en N&B.   Harry Gruyaert indique : "La...

  • Presentation by Xavier Barral : "With over twenty new photographs, this revised edition of Roots (initially published in 2012 and quickly out of print) immerses us in the Belgium of the 1970s and 1980s. From the first black and white photographs to the revelation of colour, this publication explores the Belgium photographer’s singular, almost...

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  • .Please note this is the French edition of this book (texts in French only), we do not carry the English edition as of today.Presentation by Aperture, publisher of the English edition: "Intimate Distance is the first comprehensive monograph charting the career of acclaimed American photographer Todd Hido. Though he has published many smaller monographs of...

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    .Last copy.Publisher's presentation:  [ Please note : content in French only ] "La photographie contemporaine iranienne depuis la révolution de 1979; un panorama exceptionnel de la photographie contemporaine iranienne. Cet ouvrage rassemble les œuvres de 66 photographes et interroge la réalité iranienne par un jeu de confrontations entre images...

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  • Presentation by Aperture, publisher of the English edition : "The Non-Conformists features Martin Parr’s first major body of work from the mid-1970s, published here for the first time in book form. A wonderful and charming surprise for Parr enthusiasts and fans of traditional reportage, this body of black-and-white imagery predates the cutting color work...

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