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Publisher's presentation:

"Yusuf Sevincli is not seeking unilateral consent or the approval of an audience. He is merely photographing his environment, his daily fears and questions, and sees in Photography the means to stay connected to the things and beings, a response - his response - to the environment that surrounds him and the movements within it.

By the quality of his work and the reflection process around it - both deep and naive - Yusuf offers us a photographic treasure and at the same time a great lesson in humility... A breath of fresh air in the small and sclerotic world of Art today."

From the artist:

"I started at the age of 20, during my university years. I was studying journalism and my first contact with photography was during the history of photojournalism classes. More than through practice, I was first attracted by the history of photography and its iconic figures, by the sense of their messages and the effort to understand the power of the image. I remain convinced today that beyond the style of each individual, a photographer or an artist using photography should know its history, in order to understand and appreciate the capabilities of the medium --  Yusuf Sevincli"

Texts in English and French.

80 pages - Hardcover

Filigranes, 2012


New - Mint condition

Sevincli, Yusuf

Yusuf Sevinçli was born in 1980 in Zonguldak, Turkey. He lives and works in Istanbul. Photo: © centre-intermondes
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