L'Amoureuse (*signed*)

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From the publisher :

" T., my lover and father of my son, died on April 5, 2010 of a brain stroke. He fell beside us on a beach at the North Sea. The violence of his death put me in front of a big void…a silence that echoed in my head only equal to the brightness of the blue sky which no planes crossed because of the ashes of a volcano in anger, my anger.
To face that loss, I plunged myself into the work that I had started more than 10 years ago consisting in writing a personal diary, now focussing on telling about my suffering but also about that surplus energy that burst within me.

 -- Anne de Gelas "

L'Amoureuse, by Anne de Gelas, is the autobiographical account of the immense pain, and the mourning process after the death of the beloved one. In the book, different forms of expression are intertwined : texts excerpted from a personal diary, photography through self-portraits and portraits of the child (and the disappeared lover's flesh and bone), and sketches that connect the images and the text.

This book tells a sombre tale, but from the pages emerges the will to survive this pain; the book is also a form of exorcism where the artist glorifies the love for this man, and the love for their son

Anne de Gelas and the publisher "Le Caillou Bleu" put together a very moving book that - surprinsingly - conveys strength an energy.

96 pages - Softcover

Le Caillou Bleu, 2013


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de Gelas, Anne

Anne de Gelas is an Belgian photographer and artist, working mainly in self-portrait and the telling of certains aspects, often very intimate, of her personal life. In particular, Anne de Gelas published two photobooks, L'Amoureuse (Le Caillou Bleu, 2013 - sold out ) and Mère et Fils (Loco éditions, 2017) about the premature of her partner, her grief and her bereavement, and the (re)construction of her life and that of their son, and of their relationship as a new 2-people entity. © Self-portrait by Anne de Gelas, taken from the artist's website
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