List of photobooks by photographer de Gelas, Anne

Anne de Gelas is an Belgian photographer and artist, working mainly in self-portrait and the telling of certains aspects, often very intimate, of her personal life.

In particular, Anne de Gelas published two photobooks, L'Amoureuse (Le Caillou Bleu, 2013 - sold out) and Mère et Fils (Loco éditions, 2017) about the premature of her partner, her grief and her bereavement, and the (re)construction of her life and that of their son, and of their relationship as a new 2-people entity.

© Self-portrait by Anne de Gelas, taken from the artist's website

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  • Presentation by Éditions Loco :    [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] "After the shock of the death of her partner, the father of her son, Anne De Gelas focused on the new shrunken family unit. Mère et Fils (Mother and Son) is this face-to-face relationship, this intense bond, and - in the heart of this situation - the permanence of feminity and desire,...

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  • .Sold out. L'Amoureuse, by Anne de Gelas, is the autobiographical account of the immense pain, and the mourning process after the death of the beloved one. In the book, different forms of expression are intertwined : texts excerpted from a personal diary, photography through self-portraits and portraits of the child (and the disappeared lover's flesh and...

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