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Publisher's presentation:

"Lobismuller tells the story of Manuel Blanco Romasanta, Spain's bloodiest and most enigmatic serial killer, from a female perspective.

Manuel was born Manuela and originally believed to be a woman: according to modern forensic theories, he (or she) may have lived with a rare syndrome of intersexuality. Blanco Romasanta was dubbed the « Soapmaker, » owing to his habit of using the fat of victims to produce high-quality soap.

Although confessing to nine of the seventeen murders now attributed to him, Blanco Romasanta pleaded not guilty, declaring himself the victim of a curse that had transformed him into a wolf."

Texts in English only.

Design by Ramon Pez.

192 pages - Hardcover

Editorial RM, 2016

Format : 20 x 27 cm

New - Mint condition

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Abril, Laia

Laia Abril is a Spanish photographer. Laia works essentially on subjects realted to women's rights and the woman condition in western societies. Photo : © self-portrait
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