The Epilogue (*signed*)

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Publisher's Presentation :

"This is the story of the Robinson family – and the aftermath of losing their 26 year-old daughter to bulimia.

Working closely with the family, Laia Abril explores the dilemmas and struggles confronted by many young girls and their families; the problems families face in dealing with both their sense of guilt and the grieving process; the frustration of close friends and the dark ghosts of this deadliest of illnesses; all blended together in the bittersweet act of remembering a loved one.

Cammy Robinson’s life story is reconstructed through flashbacks – memories, testimonies, objects, letters, places and images. The Epilogue gives voice to the suffering of the family, the indirect victims of ‘eating disorders’, the unwilling eyewitnesses of a very painful degeneration.   

Laia Abril has been working on projects concerned with what she refers to as the ‘world epidemic of eating disorders’ since 2010. A Bad Day is a multimedia piece attempting to demystify the taboos of bulimia: Thinspiration a fanzine analyzing the new visual language of pro-anorexia advocates. In The Epilogue she draws her work to a conclusion."

A very dense and strong work that shows Laia Abril's knowledge of the eating disorders, her empathy and her art and ability in telling a strong and touching story.

An important contribution to the book, and to the work as a whole is Ramon Pez' important work on the presentation of this project and design of the book.

172 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2014

Format : 19.5 x 26.4 cm


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Abril, Laia

Laia Abril is a Spanish photographer. Laia works essentially on subjects realted to women's rights and the woman condition in western societies. Photo : © self-portrait
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