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Presentation by Editorial RM:

" Eamonn Doyle explores recent bodies of work by the Irish photographer (Dublin, 1969). Living in the center of the capital, Doyle photographs his surroundings from unexpected angles, revealing an original vision of the city and its inhabitants.

His series i, ON, and End., otherwise known as the Dublin trilogy, with their strategic cropping and framing, convey moments of stillness and frenetic energy, solitude and community.

Doyle’s newest body of work, K, is his most mysterious and personal. These color photographs show a series of spectral figures of continually shifting form set against the dramatic backgrounds of Ireland’s west coast and southwestern Spain. The series references the Irish tradition of keening, a vocal lamentation for the dead, and was born in part from the premature losses of the artist’s brother and mother. "

This monograph is published on the occasion of the large retrospective exhibition « Eamonn Doyle » at Fundación MAPFRE in Madrid showing from September 12th, 2019 to January 26th, 2020. Texts in English only. Signed copies.

When the book Made in Dublin (Thames & Hudson, 2019 - also proposed on this website as signed copies) is exclusively devoted to the works in the three series i, ON, and End., this monograph Eamonn Doyle presents - in addition to the photography - the work of the artist in a broader and more documentary fashion. Still, a great number of images from the Dublin Trilogy are of course included, but also (and even more importantly, from a bookseller standpoint ;-) images from the three books themselves, with cover images and some spreads. Eamonn's career as a DJ / musician and music label artistic director is also addressed (in particular through the angle of the LPs cover design), and an important part is devoted to images from the most recent self-published book by Eamonn Doyle, K (November 2018). This RM monograph also includes some images from important shows of Eamonn's work, and even a mention of the book Made in Dublin!

The texts are also more important in this monograph, with a biographical approach (including some personal and familial photos and artefacts), especially in relation with the book K, and the recent death of the artist's mother and the premature death of his elder brother in 1999.

288 pages (2 gatefolds) - Hardcover

Editorial RM, 2019

Format : 25 x 30.5 x 3.5 cm


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Doyle, Eamonn

Eamonn Doyle is a DJ and electronic music producer through the label D1 he founded and manages since 1994. He also came to prominence  as a photographer when he self-published the trilogy "i" (2014), "ON" (2015) and "End." (2016) of his images of the streets of Dublin. This trilogy was made into a large exhibition at the Rencontres d'Arles festival in 2016 and was also the center of a large retrsopective of his work at Fundacion Mapfre, Madrid in 2019. Eamonn also self-published, through D1, the photobooks "K" in 2018 about the passing of his mother and "O" in 2020, « incidental objects of memory » of his youth in Dublin, where is stilll resides today.
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