List of photobooks by photographer Weir, Harley

Harley Weir is a young British photographer and director; she works mainly - but not only - around the body and its representation, in a simple and straightforward manner, without filter or false modesty. Her work, that is said to bring new blood to the medium, is highly regarded in the fashion industry, and she has been collaborating with numerous luxury brands.

In 2016, she publishes "Homes" with Loose Joints, a series about the makeshift houses in a refugee camp near Calais, France. In 2018, the Issue 5 of Baron Magazine is dedicated to her work, under the title "Function".

© Portrait of the artist by journalist Rebecca Storm for an article in Ssense

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  • .Sold out. Presentation by Baron: "For the fifth edition of Baron, Harley Weir takes us on a visual essay exploring the female body through biological conditions such as reproduction and birth, and how these are mediated in a patriarchal, capitalist society. The title of the book, Function begs the question what do our bodies do. Each part holds several,...

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