List of photobooks by photographer Westra, Jenna

Jenna Westra is an American photographer and film artist.

Her photography work is mainly centered around studiying the body, body movement and postures, and relationships between bodies, primarily with female models. Her approach is part of the informal "movement" of young female photographers that are taking back the image of the female body from where it mostly stood, in the male gaze...

She has published two photobooks with Hassla Books : "Atlas" (2018) and "Afternoons" (2020).

© Portrait taken for the artist's (disused) Twitter account

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  • .Last two sealed copies!. Presentation by Hassla Books: " « Touch is almost shocking to see. In a movie, a group of friends seated around a table. One touches another's shoulder affectionately and it feels like violence. On the street, people avoiding each other, like a dance, or a concession, making space one for the other just to stay away. Everything...

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