List of photobooks by van Drimmelen, Annemarieke

Annemarieke van Drimmelen is a Dutch photographer.

She follows a career fully dedicated to photography, essentially in the fashion world, after being a model herself.

Her work, and her personal projects in particular, is a quest to portrait real intimacy.

In 2019, she publishes with Libraryman her project "Tadaima"; a word taken from Japanese that can be loosely translated as « I just came home ».

© Portrait of the artist by Daniel Lucas Bousquet / Vogue Nederland, taken from the Vogue Netherlands website.

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  • Presentation by Libraryman: " Tadaima by Annemarieke van Drimmelen is an intimate portrait in respect to the heartache and its beauty of a journey homeward. At age ten Annemarieke acquired a camera for the first time, her mothers, merely after her passing. By picking up the camera she was adept to perceive her mother slightly better by photographing...

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