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  • Tamiko, Nishimura

  • Tanaka, Rafael

    Rafael Tanaka is a Spanish photographer based in Brussels, and publisher through Les Editions Shirokuro.

    Among other titles, he has published "Abend der Worte" (Origini Edizioni, 2018) and "The Graces" (Les Editions Shirokuro, 2019).

    © Portrait taken from the artist's Facebook profile

  • Templeton, Deanna

    Deanna Templeton is an American artist and photographer.

    Her experience with photography started in the late eighties with her interest in the punk-rock scene and concerts which she started documenting. Having met skater Ed Templeton - her husband since 1991 - at the age of eighteen, she also documented the crowds around the skateboarding events, championships or street meetups.

    Her photgraphy work is mainly portraiture, and very oriented towards the teenagers and youth. Living in Huntington Beach, in South California, the body is also an element very present in her work (beach activities, tattos, etc.) which shows a general interest for underground cultures. She has also developped personal projects such as her series "Swimming Pool" of underwater portraits.

    Among the photobooks Deanna Templeton has published: "Your Logo Here" (P.A.M., 2007), "Scratch my Name on Your Arm" (Schunck, 2011), "The Swimming Pool" (Nazraeli, 2016), "Contemporary Suburbium" - a joint project with Ed Templeton (Nazraeli Press, 2017) and "What She Said" (Mack, 2021).

    © Portrait (most likely by Ed Templeton) taken from the English Wikipedia of the artist

  • Templeton, Ed

    Ed Templeton is an American photographer and painter based in California. Before his artist career, Ed had an international career as one of the first professional skaters.

    Ed Templeton photographed the world of skate, his friends & family, and street scenes since his teenage years. His first book "Teenage Smokers" dates from 1999 (Alledged Press). He has since published many acclaimed photobooks, including "The Golden Age of Neglect" (Drago, 2002), "Beautiful Losers" (DAP, 2004), "Deformer" (Anthem / Damiani, 2008), "Litmus Test" (SUper Labo, 2010), "Teenage Kissers" (Seems Books, 2011), "Adventures in the Nearby Faraway" (Editions Bessard, 2015), "Loose Shingles" (B-Sides Box Set, 2018), "Hairdos of Defiance" (Deadbeat Club, 2018).

    © L'Ascenseur Végétal when Ed visited our Bookshop / Gallery in Bordeaux (2016)

  • Tendance Floue

    Tendance Floue is a collective of 16 French photographers founded in 1991.

    NB: For a presentation of the collective, please refer to the French version of this page (not translated).

    Among the shared projects of the collective is the photographic narration of a solitary journey across France named "AZIMUT". The idea was a relay walk across the country, including invited photographers from outside the collective. The project was initially self-published by Tendance Floue in 6 volumes - each titled with a single letter from the project name - between June 2017 ("A") and October 2018 ("T"). This project should have been on display at the Rencontres d'Arles festival in 2020 (canceled) and was re-published on the occasion in a single-volume format by Textuel.

    The 16 photographers of the collective are: Pascal Aimar, Thierry Ardouin, Denis Bourges, Gilles Coulon, Olivier Culmann, Ljubiša Danilović, Grégoire Eloy, Mat Jacob, Caty Jan, Yohanne Lamoulère, Philippe Lopparelli, Bertrand Meunier, Meyer, Flore-Aël Surun, Patrick Tourneboeuf, Alain Willaume.

  • Testino, Mario

  • Teufen, Dominique

    Dominique Teufen is a Swiss photographer and artist.

    She was awarded the « Prix HSBC pour la Photographie » in 2019, for her series "My travels through the world on my copy machine", published under the same title by Editions Xavier Barral.

    © Portrait taken from the artist's website

  • Thapa, Rohan

    Rohan Thapa graduated in political science, works as a photographer in Kathmandu, Nepal and Valencia, Spain. His photographic works focus on the nature of social and political identities that makes up our societies, with a strong emphasis on the natural environment.

    Rohan Thapa regularly self-publishes short print-run photobooks. Among the more recent ones are Sutra (2017) and Moksha (2018).

    © Image taken from a video on the artist's website

  • Thisner, Märta

    Märta Thisner is a Swedish photographer based in Stockholm.

    She has an important portfolio of corporate work (fashion & others) and also a more personal work. In 2019 she published "Drunk in Love" with Journal, a daily life account, over a period of 15 years, of her friendships and surroundings.

    © Image taken from the artist's Instagram account

  • Tillim, Guy

    Guy Tillim is a South-African photographer, member of Agence VU, who built his career on documentary work about the pains of Apartheid. He was awarded the 2017 "Prix de la Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson", which led in 2019 to an exhibition and a photobook (co-published with Mack) named "Museum of the Revolution".

    Photo: © Portrait picture taken from Peabody Museum, photographer not credited.

  • Todde, Francesca

    Francesca Todde is an Italian photographer and publisher.

    Her photography work is represented by the Italian agency Contrasto. She is particularly interested in the invisible elements in relationships, also into interactions with the animal world. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines (Le Monde, 6Mois, DLui Magazine / La Repubblica, British Journal of Photography, Fisheye, etc.) and exhibited in various places and festivals, especially in Italy and France (Cortona on the Move, Circulation(s), Le Boutographies, etc.)

    In 2018, she co-founded with artist Luca Reffo the publishing house Départ Pour l'Image. In 2020, she publishes her first photobook "A Sensitive Education" through Départ Pour l'Image.

    © Portrait (uncredited) taken from the website of the Swiss festival Arcoop Wall Project

  • Toledano, Phillip

    Phillip Toledano (b. in 1968 in London, to a French-Moroccan mother and an American father) is a British photographer living and working in New York City. As an artist, he works across mediums from photography to installation. His conceptual themes are primarily socio-political.

  • Toloui, Cammie

    Cammie Toloui is an American documentary photographer.

    In 2021, greek publisher VOID releases with "$5 for 3 minutes" a photographic work she produced while being a stripper at a San Francisco club to pay for her college.

    © Portrait taken from the artist's social media

  • Tomiya, Masako

    Masako Tomiya started photography during her high school years, and then studied in Osaka and Tokyo in the 2000s. From that time she began taking pictures of the Tsugaru area where she was born.
    Tomiya wonders what is the most important thing in this era of continuous change. To transmit this question to the next generation, she will be based in Japan and will continue to express herself by taking pictures.

  • Tomlinson, Alys

    Alys Tomlinson is a British photographer. She studied literature and communication before undertaking a training in photography. Alys pursues a career in editorial and advertising photography along with her personal projects.

    In 2019 she publishes with GOST the photobook "Ex-Voto", based on her long-term project about pilgrimage and places of pilgrimage. This work brought her the « Photographer of the Year » award at the Sony World Photography Awards and it has been exhibited during the 2019 Rencontres d'Arles festival.

    © Portrait by Mark Olivier taken from the artist's website

  • Tong, Kurt

    Kurt Tong is a photographer born and based in Hong Kong; he studied documentary photography in London.

    The website of the Rencontres d'Arles festival indicates: « His work revolves around exploring his Chinese roots and understanding of his motherland, Tong having grown up in the United Kingdom. »

    His work "Combing for Ice and Jade" was part of the Rencontres d'Arles 2019 festival in the « Émergences » section under the name "Glace et Jade, le rituel du peigne".

    Kurt Tong has published, among others, "In Case it Rains in Heaven" (Kehrer, 2011), "Combing for Ice and Jade" (Jiazazhi, 2019) and  "The Queen, the Chairman and I" (Dewi Lewis, 2019).

    © Portrait by Su Tong taken from the website of the Rencontres d'Arles festival

  • Torgovnik, Jonathan

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