List of photobooks by photographer Vanoverberghe, Sybren

Sybren Vanoverberghe is a young Belgian photographer.

His website states: « His work functions as an analysis of the correlation between place and time and the ever recurring cycle of history. He searches for elements of myths, nature and heritage both within ordinary sites as in places of historical importance. By what process do we attach meaning to these locations? His practice deconstructs sites and brings together icons to form a new unity of the present. »

He has published two books with APE / Art Paper Editions : "2099" in 2018 and "Conference of the Birds" in 2019.

© Self-portrait taken from the artist's social media

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  • Presentation by Art Paper Editions: " 1099 is the second part of 2099, a series of photographic works by Sybren Vanoverberghe.The work originates from his interest in how time changes the landscape and the objects that can be found within. Vanoverberghe is questioning how we look at artifacts, icons and our (nearby) historical surroundings. In 1099 the...

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  • Presentation by Art Paper Editions: " Conference of the Birds shows an outtake from an analysis of the correlation between time and place and of the historical Iranian landscape. How do places appear and disappear? How do we attach meaning to a certain site and in what way photography can deal with deconstructed icons in comparison to the (a-)historical...

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  • .Sold out.Presentation by Art Paper Editions: " 2099 shows images of remembrance linked to Sybren Vanoverberghes perception on the constant evolution of history and its repetitive character. Deconstructed places and manipulated icons function on an associative basis to create a new overview of the present. As a photographer Vanoverberghe is experimenting...

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