List of photobooks by photographer Tabuchi, Eric

Eric Tabuchi is a French photographer who focues on the geography of the French regions: little towns, suburban landscapes and the countryside. He studies the typology of local and regional architectural traits with an analytical and almost systematic approach; his work is often assembled and presented along specific themes or topics.

Eric previously had a career as a musician.

He recently published three photobooks with Poursuite Editions : "Twenty-four Modern Lorraine Churches" (2016), "Atlas of Forms" (2018) and "EDF - Electricité de France" (2019).

© Portrait taken from the artist's website

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  • Presentation by Poursuite: " The Atlas des Régions Naturelles Vol.2, as its name suggests, is the second of a series representing a singular photographic adventure, unique in terms of both its scope and its duration. Launched five years ago, its objective is to document, in equal measure, the 450 natural regions or ‘lands' constituting the territory of...

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  • .Back in stock. Presentation by Poursuite: " Following the Atlas of Forms, Poursuite is publishing Électricité de France, the first book from the project Atlas des Régions Naturelles. Through a series of 75 photographs, Eric Tabuchi establishes a typology of power distribution stations – those buildings that transform high-voltage electricity into...

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  • .Third printing available. Presentation by Poursuite : " Atlas of Forms is a large book of images collected by Éric Tabuchi that documents every kind of shape found in architecture of all types. Within its 256 pages, are nearly 1500 photographs patiently collected from the Internet and classified according to the rudimentary criteria of geometry (circle,...

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Twenty-Four Modern Lorraine Churches, published in conjunction with the exhibition Tables et Matières at the Médiathèque des Abattoirs in Toulouse, serially documents churches of the reconstruction period in the Lorraine region. During the fall and winter of 1944, the Third United States Army advanced from Nancy...

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