List of photobooks by Suter, Batia

Batia Suter is a Swiss artist based in Amsterdam. Her website indicates : « Suter produces monumental prints of digitally manipulated images for specific locations, and works on photo-animations, image sequences and collages, often using found pictures. »

For the publication of her work, Suter collaborates with Roma Publications, also based in Amsterdam, and she has published with them - among others - "Encyclopedia" in 2007, "Surface Series" in 2011 and "Radial Grammar" in 2018.

© Portrait taken from the website FranceFineArt (article in French published on the occasion of the opening of the "Radial Grammar" show at Le BAL, Paris).

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  • .Back in stock. Presentation by ROMA Publications: "Radial Grammar was created by Batia Suter in 2018 on the occasion of her eponymous exhibition at Le Bal in Paris, from May 25 to August 26, 2018. The imagery in this book, which revolves around radial shapes and concepts, also forms the basis of a video work in the exhibition. Specific for the book is...

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