Attraction (*signed*)

@ Daufresne, Damien

N/A - AV027-2


Presentation by Origini Edizioni:

" Movement of body in dance here becomes the ritual with which we try to overcome the gravitational pull: dance is a representation of the myth of flight, of lightness. And this continuous physical struggle of the mass against the attractive force of the ground, of the artist against the tireless search for answers, is the very soul of movement.

This book is itself a paper representation of movement: it is a diaphragm, a rhythm of breathing: a very long Concertina [in its "Collector's Edition" version] that through the body of Dominique Mercy whispers « dance, dance, otherwise we are lost » [Pina Bausch]. "

We are offering here copies of the "trade edition" only, which is thread-bound, with several gatefolds. Only the "Collector's Edition" mentioned in the presentation above is produced as a Concertina-fold or Leporello. This book includes a thrown-in sheet of texts and a photography placed in a glassine enveloppe. Texts in English and French.

A full presentation of the Leporello of the "Collector's Edition" is available on Damien Daufresne's website.

PLEASE NOTE: The books published by Origini Edizioni are handmade; they can show some minor imperfections related to the artisanal production.

60 pages, several gatefolds - Softcover in paper "slipcase" or enveloppe

Origini Edizioni, 2020 (130 copies)

Format : 18 x 31 cm

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Condition: see note above


Daufresne, Damien

Damien Daufresne is a French photographer who includes video and drawing in his work, forming multimedia experiences, especially as part of the collective "Temps Zéro". He has published several books, including collective publications as part of "Temps Zéro". In 2017, he self-publishes "Rumeurs" in collaboration with Marie Sordat. Then in 2020, the Italian publisher Origini Edizioni releases his first personal photobook "Attraction". © Portrait taken from the website  Art Foto Mode (uncredited)
  • Presentation by Origini Edizioni: " The skin does not lie: it's a person's age map; it's the paper where their choices, failures, passions, fears are written on. The body defines ourselves, it stratifies and heals passing of time under veils, blankets and hidings. As the trunk to the trees. As the paper to this book: it changes, it is crumpled or turns...

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  • Presentation by Origini Edizioni: " The book is an album that shows two different ways to interpret the photography media. One as dramatic and Romantic (Valentino Barachini), the other as the search of beauty and graphic virtuosity (Cristiano Guerri). These two visions dialogue without words, then transforming each photo into a poster: the photobook,...

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  • Presentation by Origini Edizioni: " ORION is the memory of a gone love story: an experience of light and shadow; white, black and shaded in the contours. The subjects and the words of the author are sublimated by time and are returned to us as a brief experience of overwhelming passion, pain and inspiration. The Orion’s belt as an inscrutable cold keeper...

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