List of photobooks by photographer Dede, Dimitra

Dimitra Dede is a Greek visual artist and photographer based in London.

Her work is poetic and sometimes mysterious; she alters her images through different techniques, making her expression and her vision very personal.

She has published several photobooks, including "Mayflies" (VOID, 2019) and Àpeiron (Origini edizioni, 2022). The latter project was on display in Toulouse, France at Galerie le Château d'Eau in the fall 2022.

© The illustration is taken from the series Àpeiron

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    Presentation by Origini edizioni: " Before realizing Dede's geographical origin, her images had spoken to us, suggesting the title and conceptual apparatus they needed. We have seen the fulfillment of Anaximander's Ápeiron, of the indefinite infinity of a pre-mythical time, where everything is primordial matter and fluidity. A true expression of the...

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