List of photobooks by photographer Daufresne, Damien

Damien Daufresne is a French photographer who includes video and drawing in his work, forming multimedia experiences, especially as part of the collective "Temps Zéro".

He has published several books, including collective publications as part of "Temps Zéro". In 2017, he self-publishes "Rumeurs" in collaboration with Marie Sordat. Then in 2020, the Italian publisher Origini Edizioni releases his first personal photobook "Attraction".

© Portrait taken from the website Art Foto Mode (uncredited)

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  • Presentation by Origini Edizioni: " Movement of body in dance here becomes the ritual with which we try to overcome the gravitational pull: dance is a representation of the myth of flight, of lightness. And this continuous physical struggle of the mass against the attractive force of the ground, of the artist against the tireless search for answers, is...

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