Portraits and Dreams (*1st printing*)

@ Atkins, Nicéphore



Presentation by Mack:

" When Wendy Ewald arrived in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in 1975, she began a project that aimed to reveal the lives, intimate dreams and fears of local schoolchildren.

Tasked with finding authentic ways of representing the lives of these children, she gave each of them a camera and interviewed them about their childhood in the mountains. Through these intriguing transcripts and photographs, we discover the lives of families as seen through the eyes of their children: where domestic, rural life is understood with startling openness and depth. In Portraits and Dreams, life's most mysterious realities – love, loss, violence, death, new life – are given voice through an altogether novel discovery: the camera. We learn the eloquence and originality with which children see the world and we see a generous new way of engaging children in the possibilities of the photographic medium.

This revised and expanded edition of Ewald's now-rare book, first published in 1985, and called « An American masterpiece, » offers access to a different and broadened view of the rural south over the span of 35 years, and includes contemporary pictures and stories by eight of the students from the original publication. "

This book published in August 2020 is already sold out by the publisher! It will be re-printed in the Spring 2021, but we are offering copies of the 1st printing, currently in stock!

Texts in English only.

160 pages - Softcover

Mack, 2020

Format : 17.5 x 25.5 cm

New - Mint condition

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Atkins, Nicéphore

Who is this photographer? A short explanation. The name of this virtual photographer has been generated - wink-wink - from the first name of the author of the oldest photograph to have reached our times, Nicéphore Niépce, and the last name of the creator of the first book to ever use photography, Anna Atkins (book "British Algae"). The process of adding books to our website can be time demanding as we need to create a page for each photographer and a page for each publisher (in both French and English) before creating the new book, and connecting it to its author and publisher. Consequently, it can happen, in super busy times, that we will create a new book and use "Nicéphore Atkins" as the photographer attached to this book. Of course, this is not out of lack of respect for the artists, and we ask for your forgiveness, for THEIR forgiveness, that we are sometimes taking this easy route. We will limit the use of this pseudonym as much as possible, and we will try to create the missing pages as quickly as possible, in order to re-attribute the books to their righteous creators. Thank you for your understanding. © Portrait of artist Stromae by Benjamin Brolet during the shooting of a video for the album "Racine carrée".
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